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Boat fat factory price does not move price difference to fall 90 yuan of profit
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Zhang Bin / n/arc drafting

Our newspaper reporter learns solely yesterday, the ship that boat oil runs in is oily sale price had reduced 90 yuan every tons sadly since April 1. Although this one message before this was not announced, but this one slight change has been in aviation board piece the expression on 2 class market comes out.

Before April 3 trade day, besides because change the S Na Hang that stops a card (besides 600029) , country boat (601111) , Dong Hang (600115) , Shanghai Airline (600591) , Hai Hang (the share price of 600221) all rises continuously.

Factory price does not move price difference to reduce 90 yuan

The price that oil of the boat in before sells “ our boat oil is 5930 yuan / ton, since April 1, case of boat oil price moved 90 yuan up and down in this foundation. Personage of interior of ” country boat tells our newspaper the reporter yesterday.

This one message got in of ship oily side confirm. According to reporter understanding, it is a country not only boat, other airline enjoyed every tons to reduce 90 yuan “ favourable ” .

Introduce according to analyst of an aviation industry, the boat oil of our country is medium oil, medium petrifaction will be oily the boat in selling is oily, next in airline sells after boat oil increases price, it is different that this one adds valence to be in each airports, from 230 yuan - 530 yuan differ. But because international oil price is high at that time look forward to, domestic oil price rises extent not as good as ascendant extent of international oil price, and in boat is oily one share oil price is imported from abroad, this was caused in boat is oily one share loss.

“ so home undertook rising to this part price difference at that time, adding so 320 yuan rose on valence, this one classification of tower above seems entrance subsidy. Afore-mentioned aviation analysts express ” . What reduced on January 1 this year is medium boat is oily the price of this part price difference, reduce 180 yuan.

Disclose according to message personage, this 90 yuan when reduce, also be price difference of this one part, reduce 50 yuan from 140 yuan namely. And the factory price of boat oil did not change, remain 5450 yuan / ton.

Double profit is good drive aviation go strong

Of the price reduce will tell to airline is one big profit undoubtedly good.

Plus firm influence of hasten of politics of fringe standing the ground, international oil price drops nearly two days continuously, had come from highest 66 dollars fall after a rise near the 64.5 dollars yesterday. This drove domestic aviation go strong.

Besides because enter,become a shareholder change a course, stop a card from March 22 up to now besides Na Hang, the share price of boat of boat, Dong Hang, Shanghai Airline, sea walks out of the country an ascendant impetus. Country the share price of boat rises to from 7.93 yuan of March 30 8.24 yuan of yesterday, dong Hang's share price rises to from 4.99 yuan of March 30 5.21 yuan, hai Hang's share price rises to from 5.69 yuan of March 30 5.98 yuan, the share price of Shanghai Airline rises to from 5.23 yuan of March 30 5.43 yuan.
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