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The biggest aviation buys the whole world case be about to be born buy amount 8.
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Empty ” of Australia “ fast Da Hang is about to make global aviation trade the biggest buy case lead (total amount) of 8.6 billion dollar. Yesterday (6 days) , peterCostello of Australia finance minister makes a statement express, the “ that heads in Maigeli buys army group ” to agree to amount to “ quickly the headquarters of aviation ” to continue to be set in Australia, and after continueing to offer Australia area airliner to serve, australia government examine and verify approved this and had bought case.

This means the airline with highest amount of this picket whole world to buy case already swept besides the biggest obstacle.

This is bought case still need to obtain bay ship 9 become partner agree square can become effective. Nevertheless, analytic personage thinks, after Australia government nods, the odds that predicting partner just objects and buys is not big.

In international aviation industry stagnant big setting falls, airline is bought case happen again and again. Last year on December 13, the airline “ with the biggest Australia amounts to aviation ” quickly to announce to accept the ” of “ financial group that with Maigeli the bank heads to be as high as 11.1 billion bay yuan (about 8.6 billion dollar) buy offer. Interesting is, accepting before be not being bought, fast Da Hang just rejected to buy the first time of the group to bid for nothing, final 11.1 billion bay yuan “ quote ” is compared rose formerly 29% .

Although empty ” of “ fast Da Hang already held gain 14 years continuously, but mix as a result of rocket of aviation fuel price defray cutting down the member of persons employed, predict profit will drop this year 1/4. Before this, in the light of Maigeli the investor such as the bank buys “ to amount to aviation ” quickly of purpose, australia government ever expressed, want this to trade only the restriction that satisfies pair of foreign capital partner, won't prevent this to buy. These limitative conditions include partner of “ foreign capital to hold a 49%” , “ at most onefold and overseas investor holds a scale to cannot exceed 25%” to wait.

As we have learned, this second buy financial group by Australia manage bank, headquarters is in Mai Ge of bank of the largest investment the composition such as the Onex group of group of banking of fund of collect of illicit of group of Pacific Ocean of city of heart of illicit collect fund, Australian Allco, Allco and Canada. The basis is bought and draft resolution, the Onex group of group of Pacific Ocean of American heart city and Canada will be gross hold the equity of 37.5% , other foreign capital will be held have the more than 11.5% equity below. Australia respect: Bank of wheat style texture will acquire the equity of 15% , group of banking of fund of collect of Australia Allco illicit, Allco is gross hold 35% , “ amounts to aviation ” quickly to manage a 1% stock of hold. This makes empty ” of “ fast Da Hang main equity still is Australia all. (Liu Chang)
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