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The attune on international aviation carriage association profit of global aviat
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International aviation carries association (IATA)4 day makes a statement say, because global aviation carries requirement,driving growth and efficiency of aviation industry oneself rise somewhat, this year the gain of global aviation industry the 2.5 billion dollar that this association predicts prep above before this, and reach 3.8 billion dollar.

In addition, statement still points out, because predict American economy growth will be accelerated somewhat, hopeful of oil price of together with international is small glide, the gain of global aviation industry will jump further 2008 to 7.6 billion dollar.

In the past in 6 years, global aviation industry persists deficit, specified number of accumulative total deficit exceeds 40 billion dollar. Last year in December, IATA predicts, because the operation environment of global aviation industry is improved somewhat, this industry will realize gain 2007, profit specified number will reach 2.5 billion dollar.

Nevertheless, although the outstanding achievement of global aviation industry will have very big improvement this year, IATA still is warned say, at present this industry did not accumulate an enough power, get in order to avoid the concussion of the risk such as such as economic depression.

IATA is a large international organization that by the whole world place of many 260 airline forms.

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