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HongKong and Macow, Japan swims surtax of fuel of line section flight number imp
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If you plan to head for blood of “ of area of HongKong and Macow to spell ” to perhaps go to Japan to go sightseeing recently, the cost that can save next fraction traffic to go up. The reporter learned from Dong Hang, Na Hang and cool one's heels of boat of peaceful of Hong Kong country yesterday, the surtax of fuel of partial flight number of area of contact Shanghai and Japan, HongKong and Macow collects the standard is small already attune low.

Boat is to the south of exemple, the passenger buys the airline ticket going there and back of direction of Tokyo of a piece of Japan, buy before April 1 should pay surtax of 4300 yen fuel, wanted to fall 3600 yen only later on April 1. If a piece of one-way airline ticket is bought to go to Hong Kong before April 1, fuel surtax is 13.6 dollars, became 13.1 dollars later on April 1.

Company of Hong Kong Guo Taihang air also adopts standard of new surtax of passenger transport fuel, the 106 HK dollar that the rate of one-way airliner carries out from before reduce Shanghai harbor 102 HK dollar, next amplitude modulation are about 4% .

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