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New rule of airliner of Australian discrepancy condition: Carry a liquid not to
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Begin from this month, australia will go out to implement new regulation into condition airliner to this country, the passenger boards the plane to carry a liquid gross general cannot exceed 1 litre, will add examination of random make a body search newly in the flow that install check. The reporter understands at the same time, began on May 1, our country passenger carries a liquid to board the plane to also will be restricted strictly, similar provision also has been implemented on Euramerican course, accordingly passenger general must is opposite before board the plane liquid kind baggage undertakes be cuttinged down considerably, this during a series of regulations also will affect 51 ” of “ directly the passenger of long-distance go on a journey.

According to Australia the regulation of relevant section, the passenger carries agent of the liquid in baggage, sparge or fixature container, size must is equal to or be less than 100 milliliter. All container must in the transparent polybag that sealed outfit is 1 litre into the capacity, allow a passenger to use the capacity is 1 litre or the following self-given bag. Generally speaking, meeting stock accords with the airport 1 litre of of the requirement transparent polybag. The passenger is in when reaching the point that install check, must hand over what carry to exceed agent of any liquids of 100 milliliter, sparge or fixature, include free commodities, bulk crosses old vessel to need to be put into consigning baggage.

As we have learned, by strict pilot liquid besides general beverage, agent of the frost that protect skin, perfume, sparge, fixature, toothpaste, lipstick, lipstick and similar goods also are included. Nevertheless, the passenger can carry the infantile articles for use that needs to be used on the airliner and blame prescription drug, but the likelihood needs to produce relevant proof. Accordingly, 51 ” of “ go on a journey person take no matter be home or international airliner, answer to prepare somewhat to this beforehand, the ado when avoiding to install check does not have arrange.

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