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· those gets the Marie of minister of American Department of Transportation that is visitting in China this 13 days disclose, hopeful of the two countries in the United States came to an agreement in May this year, open aviation trade in the round.

Peter this it is to be in can go up with the lunch of entrepreneur of Sino-US two countries here make afore-mentioned denotive. She says, american hope and China are in with respect to industry of comprehensive and open aviation short-term inside the agreement that reachs “ significant ” , predict to will be in in May this year this agreement is signed when Washington holds Sino-US strategy economy to speak.

Get according to those this the introduction, this agreement will involve two countries to increase straight ship line is mixed between main city order, build freight content to circulate the content such as harbor.

This Chinese travel is Peter this after taking office as minister of American Department of Transportation 2006, visit first China. She discusses the relevant department official such as Yang Yuanyuan of director of as total as Li Chenglin of minister of Chinese the Ministry of Communication, civil aviaton bureau the specific issue of open aviation industry and detail.

Peter this point out, at present the day between the two countries in the United States all has flight number of 11 straight boat only, and the United States and Germany are current this one word is 55. The passenger between the two countries in the United States year all increase rate is 17% , and the increase rate of airliner seat has 13% only.

Those gets Si Jiang to move, the Chinese person of the same trade with the will less to experience person that open aviation trade and do not mean American aviation line of business constitutes menace and challenge, however both sides will gain profit from the ” in the opportunity with tremendous “ .

On July 24, 2004, the by a definite date that Sino-US both sides signs 6 years " Sino-US and patulous aviation serves an agreement " , this is China opens aviation market large-scaly to foreign airline first, by the personage inside global course of study accepted for “ milepost type agreement ” . (Chang Lu)

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