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Vietnam airline: Mice " Sa Huan " allow airliner incur loss through delay severa
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A Boeing in a small white scamper off like a rat entered the airport inside the river on April 7 777 planes, cause this to wear from the Vietnam airline that Tokyo flies to inside the river (VietnamAirlines) airliner incur loss through delay 4 many hours, just took off at 4 o'clock till 8 days of before dawn.

According to Vietnam media coverage, the plane that is annoyed ” by white rat “ carries many passenger, excited small white rat is in engine room to the top of one's bent ” of “ Sa Huan, allow aircraft division people it is nervous very, they expended 4 many hours to just get rid of white rat. And many vexed passengers are flat during this deplane the result that returns inn to await “ to destroy rat ” acts.

The employee of Vietnam airline says, they suspect is a passenger took small white rat not carefully the plane.

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