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Chinese investment changes extend Urumqi International Airport more than 8000000
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The Urumqi International Airport that total investment amounts to eight hundred million and twenty yuan of RMBs 3 period revise extend project now break earth. After project building, urumqi International Airport will be preliminary have western function of portal hub airport, in becoming China to face inferior, on the west inferior, South Asia, the passageway of important international aviation of coupling Asia-Europe.

The reporter learns from start working ceremonially now, change extend project this to always invest 2.832 billion yuan, wait for a branch by local government of total bureau of Chinese country civil aviaton, Xinjiang and Na Hang collective and contributive construction, whole project will build boat station building nearly 106 thousand square metre, build goods to stand 48 thousand square metre and station level ground 438 thousand square metre, change oil of extend boat canal, atmosphere, communication, discharge at the same time the establishment of form a complete set such as station and airport power supply, water supply, heating.

Urumqi International Airport 3 period revising extend project is the important construction content that 915 ” of “ of Xinjiang civil aviaton plan, predict complete of 2 00 8 the end of the year, can satisfy year of passenger handling capacity at the appointed time one person-time, goods mails handling capacity 275 thousand tons, the need of 155 thousand sortie falls since the plane.

Urumqi International Airport from 1931 only then since building, experience for many times early or late transform. 2 6 years 00, urumqi International Airport year passenger handling capacity breaks through 5 million person-time, cross cavalcade of Chinese medium-sized airport, index of safeguard of the infrastructure in also making airport of Chinese provincial capital at the same time tends one of saturated airports, change extend urgently.

Urumqi and in inferior, empty middle distance of South Asia, Europe is closer, urumqi International Airport is in China western with circumjacent area have in the airport compare a dominant position apparently. After changing extend project this to finish, the service of Urumqi International Airport ensures ability to will get rising, await machine building capacity to increase twice. (Cheng Yong)

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