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Inside course of study of negotiation of authority of Sino-US reopen boat: Disch
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13 days, si Fanghua is intercurrent performance tells the other of American transportation head of a department Shi Li of our newspaper reporter is photographed

Visit with identity of minister of American the Ministry of Communication first China · those gets Marie this expressed in Beijing yesterday, american hope and China are in this year in May of the last ten-day of a month Sino-US the agreement that enlarges aviation service further is reached in dialog of economy of the 2nd strategy. And the purpose of her visit should be new agreement to reach namely pave a road, strengthen the communication with Chinese government, she expresses to have hope very much the end of the year is executable this year Sino-US between new aviation agreement.

New agreement is not hopeful

Up to now till, all add airliner amount newly to already was used by afore-mentioned American airline full, blame “ in succession hard aboard finds ” of a room, expecting what prate of enlarge of Sino-US boat authority sentences to restart for this. But Chinese airline is at present trashy still sufficient existing boat counterpoises, pardonable also what held in Washington to 15 meridian beauty on March 14 this year is new talk of round of aviation does not have achievement.

At that time, the United States just puts forward, the hope is opened in the round Sino-US an aviation carriage market. And Chinese respect always is the principle that holds to successive to open boat to counterpoise, civil aviaton total bureau ever expressed, the opportunity that bilateral negotiation signs a sky to open a convention is still immature.

The aviation industry analyst that lucky silver-colored negotiable securities is stationed in Hong Kong amounts to unconscious · a person of extraordinary powers this think, market of the aviation inside Chinese government Le Jianguo opens to the outside world further, he does not think Chinese government has apparent protectionism tendency. But a person of extraordinary powers this also express, the idealist hopes China can open a sky instantly, but the realist knows this is impossible.

The United States expects follow the lead of is Euramerican aviation agreement

American respect thinks, the potential that associate of aviation of Sino-US and bilateral development concerns is very great still. Marie expressed yesterday: The final result of “ our hope is reach the agreement as Euramerican aviation agreement with China, according to Euramerican agreement, the airline of country of all European Union can fly to any cities of the United States, conversely American airline is OK also. ”
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