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30 million dollar controls pattern of the price at the beginning of price of pla
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Price get the upper hand of has become China to make the pronoun of the product it seems that, no matter be shirt or plane. Yesterday, the reporter learns from chamber of commerce of imports and exports of Chinese mechanical and electrical products, case of the market price on plane of homebred ARJ-21 branch line predicts to will be controlled for 30 million dollar.

We just are in charge of “ the general assembly of the plane works, particular value does not understand. ” is right this, those who be in charge of project of general assembly of plane of ARJ-21 branch line is medium ship business uses aircraft limited company relevant personage expresses, of new aircraft price make need country make and be examined and approve of relevant section.

Be in the product of same order and degree with ARJ-21 at present, basic by Canada by the forestall of E series aircraft of series of Ba Di C and company of Brazilian aviation industry, and the list price of this level plane exceeds 35 million dollar basically. And according to divulging, the operation cost of ARJ-21 will be lower than the competitor 15% .

As we have learned, plane of ARJ-21 branch line is China has completely own intellectual property to have international the branch line plane of advanced level, the “ that is development of estate of machine of our country civilian project of 915 ” major project. This project head period invest 5 billion yuan, advance at the same time basic model, lengthen, freight with the official business development that waits for series, at the appointed time every plane can be offerred 70 to 110 seats.

According to the plan, project of plane of ARJ-21 new branch line will experiment at first static power are being achieved by this year September machine general assembly, get offline at general assembly of plane of first test-fly end this year December, in March 2008 first plane trial flight, the 3rd quarter obtained comfortable boat evidence 2009 and begin delivery airline of Shandong of first user —— . What plane of ARJ-21 branch line basically will aim at is home market. Nevertheless, ARJ-21 plane also is not won't export. Mix to Africa, Asia according to divulging China will try hard the partial country of South-American area markets this kind of plane.

Before this, li Fangyong of president of Shenyang flying group, general manager expresses, at present its order has exceeded aircraft of ARJ-21 branch line 70. According to introducing, of the airframe after Shenyang flies to what the group assumed ARJ-21 plane, cable and electric part make. He says, the sale situation of ARJ-21 is pretty good. Airline of main branch line of a few home, if Shanghai airline, Shandong airline is the client of ARJ-21 plane. Additional, the intent contract that the electric company that rent and Xiamen airline already also bought Shanghai below the autograph.

Occupy Li Fangyong to divulge, ARJ-21 is form a complete set of research and development of home of complete base oneself upon, whole world, have the plane of domestic branch line of completely own intellectual property. The component such as its engine, airborne equipment comes from at the whole world 19 suppliers. (Chen Zi is built)
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