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Boeing may support Chinese big airlines to plan entrance of spare parts of big a
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Boeing (Boeing) expresses, this company may support Chinese research and development the effort that a series of large trade use an aircraft. Aviation industry suspects before this, whether does this China enterprise that plans to establish have competition ability, and Boeing this action may give up the suspicion of this respect.

The month on China announced the relevant plan that launchs by the country, research and development makes a kind narrow system plane. This makes people believes more and more, in coming 20 years, boeing and airbus (Airbus) is in currently of aviation market control a position to will get the challenge of other new participator. Besides Chinese enterprise, these participator come from Russia and Japan possibly still.

Does Boeing company president hold presiding apparitor Jim concurrently? Michael accept Buddhist nun (Jim McNerney) expresses: “ without doubt, china will be in enter business of business affairs aviation one of these day. Group of this United States released ” that day outstanding achievement report, its profit grows 27% first quarter.

Michael accept Buddhist nun expresses, he can imagine the collaboration between Boeing and Chinese associate, but he expresses at the same time, him Boeing also is developing a series of new products, still be the competitor ” with strong “ .

Is China already in general and electric (GE) and Luoke Wei Er? Collins company (below the support of Rockwell Collins) , development gave plane of ARJ21 branch line. In view of the importance of the Chinese market of rapid growth, the airbus will offer the product line of its A320 plane at was in China 2009. Company of Brazilian aviation industry (Embraer) also assembles a plane in China.

Like a lot of other enterprises in this industry, boeing predicting China will control development to go out 2020 with Boeing the plane of similar of 737 series size. Did not come 15 years, in the aircraft that all consign use predicting whole world, will 12% deliver to China, and the homebred plane of predicting China supports those who acquire the airline that the country supports energetically.

However, although Chinese manufacturing industry has labor cost advantage, butAnalytic personage thinks, this is a relatively minor dominant position only, because produce the component that big airlines place wants to predict to will 2/3 come from abroad.

Aircraft manufacturer of China will need international associate, in order to acquire high-tech facility, help development one safeguards supportive facilities. Boeing has been in China make choice of partner, participate in its 787 planes plan Boeing. This week, the 787 planes of this company were obtained come from dimension precious aviation (Virgin Atlantic) and Canadian aviation (the order of Air Canada) , make the order of plane of this kind of new-style double engine already was climbed litre reach 544. (translator / He Li)
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