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The golden week forecasts 3: Dispute joke makes work than train ticket of part
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Do according to countrywide holiday predict, 51 gold are periodic 2007, number of go on a journey will exceed 150 million person-time, achieve the history new tall. China News Service sends Zhou Dongchao to photograph

Time of department of countrywide holiday travel coordinates conference office to be released tonight 2007 51 ” of “ forecast of information of the 3rd travel shows the golden week, each district carries out department time to coordinate conference spirit, build environment of harmonious holiday travel. In the meantime, information shows, passenger ticket of civil aviaton of golden week metaphase still abundant. Railroad passenger ticket opens to booking the job to spread out further, partial route 7 days of passenger ticket make work entirely exhaust.

The speaking spirit that each district communicates Vice Prime Minister Wu Yi quickly and time of department of countrywide holiday travel coordinate the deploy of the meeting, further examination fulfils the golden week each job arrangement and deploy, increase safe safeguard, market to rectify, public news service and the working strength that news publicizes, guide each travel actively to recieve an unit to begin sincere letter to manage, promotion serves quality, promote civilized tourism, purify travel environment, ensure broad tourist spends a 51 ” of happy and auspicious “ to grow a holiday.

One, main city and scene region state of affairs

Shanghai: City holiday does released “ travel of 51 ” golden week consumes clew, with respect to ” of contract of travel of ” of “ civilized go on a journey, “ , “ lawfully the respect such as ” of consumption of reason of dimension authority ” , “ offers a variety of information to serve to citizen tourist. City holiday runs an organization this city the “ travel conduct propaganda that management department of travel of each area county rolled out formal diversity takes community ” activity, emphasize from normative travel market, conduct propaganda sincere letter is managed, advocate the respect such as civilized go on a journey, do the “ homework ” before good go on a journey for broad citizen tourist.

Shenyang: Near future of city tourism bureau organizes 8 examinations group, to the tourist guide member, scene area (dot) , restaurant of class of travel agent, star, airport, station undertakes check and be administeringed, content is involved investigate exceed limits to manage, receive sales commission, force to shop, “ the unfair management action such as ” of 0 negative League membership dues, strengthen the superintendency of pair of travel contracts, rise energetically swim service quality, advocate brigade actively to parade sincere letter runs line of business.
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