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Obtain plane of 4 order A380 to walk out of cold winter again from inside hand o
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All the time by the world it is good that the airbus company that issue of pay of defer of A380 of the oldest plane afflicts longed to come eventually message: The sheikdom airline that total position Yu Di does obeisance to affirms the order of 43 A380 aircraft that its had ordered, announce to order 4 A380 aircraft again. This makes sheikdom airline possible the talk that cancels A380 order is not attacked and defeat, also make the A380 plane that controversy suffers before this walks out of cold winter gradually.

Sheikdom airline is airbus A380 plane start one of clients, also be the biggest client of A380 plane, the A380 plane number that at present its order already achieved 47, this company will 2008 the 3rd quarter receives his plane of the first A380. Analytic personage thinks, the order that maintains sheikdom airline is the key of A380 project success or failure.

Sh E Ikh A Hm Ed B In Saeed A L M Ak Toum of chairman of sheikdom aviation group says: We affirmed “ now the order before this, signed the new agreement that order. This one newest agreement revealed us to be opposite again airbus company and the confidence to A380 plane. A380 plane is highest effect is mixed on the world most the plane of environmental protection, it satisfies help sheikdom airline the passenger demand that increases increasingly. ”

Airbus company president holds presiding apparitor concurrently Louie Jialuowa is full of · appreciate the earth's surface to show: The airline that like sheikdom airline a such worlds precede orders “ again A380 plane, it is the huge support to the airbus undoubtedly. I should thank the sheikdom airline accredit to the airbus and the accredit to A380 plane. ”

Louie Jialuowa tells · the reporter, airbus A380 plane is cleaner, more environmental protection, quieter more efficient also, it is carried for aviation and environmental protection established new standard. Every specific fuel consumption mixes A380 plane maintain cost lower, be more the plane of environmental protection, with at present the photograph of the biggest airlines of operation is compared, its operation cost was reduced 15% .

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