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Course of charter flight of cross-strait dragon boat festival decides the mainla
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The midday that be apart from end still has January beyond, because dragon boat festival has 4 days to connect a holiday this year, aviation industry person in succession the charter flight of two sides of dragon boat festival that in advance plans to be opened first degrees, cross-strait course of study person can fly only boat makes a round trip twice, because of this a 6 family property person, maintain Kaohsiung Xiamen line for nothing besides Li Ronghang besides, other locks up calm Shanghai course entirely, aggregate Taipei Shanghai has 8 to make a round trip, kaohsiung Shanghai has 2 to make a round trip. The airliner is centered in around of dragon boat festival 3 days. Aviation industry person preliminary analysis, golden week holiday just ends, the Taiwan businessman number that dragon boat festival returns country is not much, charter flight of dragon boat festival gives priority to the market that travels with going sightseeing.

In occupying Taiwan, wide news network reports, dragon boat festival has 4 days of successive vacation this year, was Zhou Er on June 19, there are 4 days of successive vacations after Zhou Yi flexibility has a holiday, the two sides of first degrees of flying boat carries section charter flight this year, course of study person also plan ahead of schedule in succession, because tomb-sweeping day has successive vacation likewise, but market reaction is average, because of this aviation industry person careful also operation, choice passenger measures larger ship to order arrangement.

Taiwan 6 family property person in the center, only Li Ronghang maintains Kaohsiung Xiamen line for nothing, other flies on the sea 5 times entirely, the charter flight of the person that the Taiwan businessman dragon boat festival that is in Guangzhou and Beijing does not have Taiwan course of study can be built. Situation of specific flight number is as follows:

On June 15, carry a successive holiday before today, have 4 charter flight, it is the Kaohsiung Xiamen that establishs flourish respectively, hua Hang, China letter flies to Shanghai of a Taipei each, kaohsiung Shanghai, long flourish flies to Taipei Shanghai, yuanhang flew to Taipei Shanghai on June 16, revive aviation is booked flew to Taipei Shanghai on June 17.

The flight after dragon boat festival, the person that have 3 family property chooses dragon boat festival to set out that day, include: Hua Hang, long flourish is Taipei Shanghai, china letter, establish flourish to fly to a Kaohsiung each Shanghai and Kaohsiung Xiamen. Yuan Hang flew to Shanghai of a Taipei on June 21, revive ending: Flew to Shanghai of a Taipei on June 22.

Add up to 6 family property person, offerred 8 Taipei Shanghai that make a round trip, kaohsiung Shanghai makes a round trip 2 times, kaohsiung Xiamen makes a round trip 2 times. Hua Hang will expedite 747-400, long flourish to be used with A330-200, Yuan Hang 757, revive for A321, MD90 establishing flourish, Yuan Hang 757 planes fly boat.
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