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Why does the agent earn " of black hole of " of a place difficult of access of i
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Go out by plane a whole nation is bought to unite valence before travel 20 yuan accident danger, had become the custom of a lot of passengers, but what most passenger does not know is, 20 yuan aviation accident insurance, insurance clerk gave airline ticket be commissioned to sell sth the shopkeeper such as the dot with be less than 3 yuan trade price 3 yuan to sell even merely. This is southern reporter of some newspaper office was investigating aviation accident a few days ago the accident discovery when incident of ” of danger “ false guarantee slip.

Why can you be accident discovery? This makes clear, join white with experienced and knowledgeable celebrated reporter, “ of tall to boat idea a place difficult of access before this discount goes what regular ” knows is very little, or it is essential do not know. Retail price 20 yuan aviation accident danger, wholesale only 3 yuan, low even to sell 1.5 yuan, so tall intermediary representative discount is unimaginably queer really!

Tall discount is meant existing necessarily among them the sudden huge profits of a huge sum. And fall in opaque circumstance, to buying the broad passenger of boat idea a place difficult of access character, be equal to ” of tremendous “ black hole undoubtedly in the center. In fact, according to the statistical number of civil aviaton total bureau, recently in 3 years of time, civil aviaton passenger is close to 400 million person-time, although among them the passenger of 10% is bought, income of aviation accident danger already also was as high as 800 million yuan. If according to “3 yuan computation of guarantee slip ” , have 1 many only yuan of “ pocket ” that held insurance company, nearly 700 million yuan flowed to the pocket of agent of agent of size airline ticket, insurance. A kind of such circumstance exposed market of boat idea a place difficult of access extremely abnormal, very insalubrious also. Market competition is intense, numerous insurance company is contending for “ to grab feeding ” is a fact, however, tall discount “ goes regular ” , refract the disorder that gives whole industry sex already, and superintend go up be short of break, also let person peek at the same time among them likelihood the huge risk of under cover.

Above all, each insurance company of idea a place difficult of access is in sortie boat to be violated badly compasses manage. According to the relevant provision of the meeting that keep watch, safe acting cost must not exceed 8% of insurance cost, so, cost of 20 yuan representative of boat idea a place difficult of access should not exceed 1.6 yuan. Acting cost achieved 17 yuan of breathtaking above unexpectedly nowadays, what violate compasses and malign competition it is thus clear that is serious.

Next, the high price of boat idea a place difficult of access whether fair and reasonable? Even if alien need not much Lv, in case gave aviation accident insurance company to oneself enough solvency assumes corresponding responsibility, but, the broad passenger that bought aviation accident insurance has influence to know likewise, why to draw out 17 yuan of much representative cost, is those who buy mere however be 20 yuan boat idea a place difficult of access nevertheless? Perhaps say, when concerned branch is establishing price of boat idea a place difficult of access, why should decide so is empty tall?
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