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Why does the agent earn " of black hole of " of a place difficult of access of i
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Accordingly, boat idea a place difficult of access is put in ” of tremendous “ black hole, come from actually at price itself empty tall, what what it gobbles up and erode is the interest of broad passenger. Although buy boat idea a place difficult of access,be passenger of complete comply with is freewill, but of option complete get, premise condition is authority of know the inside story. Basis " consumer rights and interests protects a law " , consumer has influence to know, 20 yuan boat idea a place difficult of access how does its price fix. And executed so old, ability “ accident discovers ” now, relevant section should have explain clearly, consumer right and interest are unidentified the phenomenon that is not gobbled up in vain by ” of tremendous “ black hole, also cannot continue again. (Knife of golden the fourth of the twelve Earthly Branches)

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