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Henan boss 1 billion buy next German airports to belong to China on aviation his
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Yesterday morning, nigeria of Chinese Henan · Lagesi trade of collaboration of rare Mu economy invests · Germany handkerchief negotiate can hold in Zhengzhou, german assorted not forest the delegate of city is negotiating disclose on the meeting, yu Liang of Pang of person of Lynd group president, Henan from the whole world 11 contest mark person in win out, wholy-owned buy German handkerchief to hope Mu airport.

According to German assorted not forest the delegate of city discloses, lynd company of Pang Yuliang bought German handkerchief to hope the equity of 100% , equipment reachs Mu airport of land of area of accessary economy collaboration permanent have right, both sides already signed final agreement. The Chinese buys foreign airport, this is in China still belong to on aviation history first, this action meant European mainland to have the change trains base of Chinese airline from now on.

As we have learned, pang Yuliang is Henan province person of county of the Cai on the inn that be stationed in a horse, the Lynd group that its found is the world famous other people sheds service supplier, cover a lot of field such as the content shedding, design that supplies area of collaboration of the chain management, economy that keep tax and operation, service network enclothes the 500 many cities of 80 many countries and area.

The airport is located in Paximu assorted of Germany of Zhengzhou friendly city not forest city, be located in between hamburger and Berlin, airport area is Zhengzhou new Zheng of the International Airport 2 times big. Range of 2 hours can enclothe major airport of Europe, the airport can rise fall the freight of all sorts of type and passenger transport plane. By 2006, paximu the airport to global invite public bidding, lindeji wins out in the company that the group shares contest prize finally from 11. Pang Yuliang discloses, buy this airport, he spent 1 billion yuan of RMBs in all.

Pang Yuliang says, want to seek the airport management company that runs this airport next. Once airport management company is affirmatory, the airliner of passenger transport charter flight of Germany of enlightened Zhengzhou — , in advance predicts weekly operation charter flight of a passenger transport, form Zhengzhou new Zheng International Airport and Paximu butt joint of the freight of the airport, passenger transport.

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