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ARJ21 of plane of branch line of first own intellectual property of Chinese at n
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Chinese head wears the aircraft of ——ARJ21 of plane of new-style branch line that owns own intellectual property completely, will 2008 head fly.

The first plane of company of the first group designs university of Chinese civil aviaton and Chinese aviation industry the academy signed agreement of comprehensive collaboration framework recently. Both sides will begin comprehensive collaboration in aviation domain henceforth, advance China to have the development of the ARJ21-700 plane of own intellectual property jointly, for ” of national “ big airlines great research is special make good technology and talent preparation.

Academy of design of the first aircraft is assuming one boat of Chinese at present plane of new branch line of ——ARJ21 of breach of industry of Chinese civilian machine and task of development of model of multinomial nation emphasis. As we have learned, ARJ21 plane is the aircraft of new-style branch line that China owns own intellectual property first times completely, will 2008 head fly, first plane used delivery 2009.

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