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Bao Xijin of American Department of Commerce: Humorous of of discharge of ignor
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Baoxijin of minister of assistant of American Department of Commerce (David Bohigian) express in Beijing, american government thinks to settling trade on lopsided problem, stop to go up from China or world other country imports goods, it is a kind of wrong way.

Yesterday the United States is stationed in China the media that diplomatic mission holds is blowy on the meeting, bao Xijin made afore-mentioned expression. Came 25 days on April 23, bao Xijin will guide mission of trade of technology of American clean energy to visit Beijing and Nanjing, the concerned department leader that is the same as two ground respectively meets, exchange views with respect to the topic for discussion such as energy efficiency, clean coal and distributed the sources of energy.

Before economy of the 2nd when was about to spread out in May Sino-US strategy speaks, the assistant minister that afterwards calls in last week defends · greatly after Sipuna (David Spooner) , american Department of Commerce expedited 3 assistant ministers to China again in admittance of market of be assigned personal responsibility for and honor the agreement clerical Baoxijin. Before the Sino-US trade friction that upgrades ceaselessly, american Department of Commerce is curule come again and again China the visit has deep idea additionally it seems that.

Bao Xijin expresses, american government thinks, solving commerce to balance problem respect, right way is the working opportunity with course of study of the state-owend enterprise that it is the United States and staff member numerous creation, continue to insist to be exported to the whole world.

“ and the travel of this China, it is the one part of this kind of practice. ” Bao Xijin says.

China is this delegacy the 2nd station in the Asia, they visited India before this. The purpose of this trade mission is to be industry of American clean energy to develop new business. There is a report to say before this, the technology that these companies sell includes solar energy, energy-saving housing materials, clean coal, wind-force to generate electricity and a lot of power natural resources in be in an experiment.

According to China but long-term development plans in second birth the sources of energy, to 2020, china but dosage of benefit of development of second birth energy will achieve coal of 300 million tons of standard, occupy the sources of energy to consume the 10 % of gross. This means huge market.

Bao Xijin believes, if visit can facilitate certain collaboration, can help a few American, it is the personnel that these energy companies work or its family for example, realize “ China's current and tremendous business chance, created the opportunity ” of obtain employment for American.

The American cleanness that this be accompanying Bao Xijin calls in shares company of energy of 17 United States in mission of energy technology trade, include the large energy company such as GE the sources of energy, Du Bang among them. But major company did not begin professional work in China. (Feng Di altogethers)
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