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Barren of Nepalese hair unboiled oil recourses to China hope help develops oil f
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” of Nepalese “ oily barren recourses to China

Obtaining what import the sources of energy from India to replace a line is the consensus of Nepalese common people it seems that, also condensing become the Buddhist nun political policy

  Zhang Jianhua of reporter of international pioneer gazette, old Qiao Yan is sent from Jiademan I do not understand “ why doesn't Nepalese government import oil from China, they had built the road of advanced course along the border land in the Buddhist nun, and build railroad arrives in the Buddhist nun border land. ”5 month 13 days, jia Deman the taxi driver pulls plum assorted the motorcade that Er of · card accept is looking at a few kilometers to grow preparation to cheer before gas station complains to the reporter say, he has been in gas station in front of the one team in the evening.

India should break oily ” to Nepalese “

Because big hill cuts off, nepalese most commerce must bilk Campagna and India through southern heart or undertake with the Three Kingdoms through India. Although India agrees with Nepalese course India to import petroleum products from the Three Kingdoms, but Nepalese at present sole oil supplier still is Indian Petroleum Company.

because have ” of oil path of a “ only, nepalese oil is supplied often be affected. On January 16, nepalese south heart bilks Campagna to erupt to go on strike and riot, nepalese the petroleum products that imports through India is complete inside period of time halt. In oil plants most of shortage 2, between March, a lot of Nepalese drivers are pushing a car to queue up in the same night before gas station, one car can add the car only 5 litres, autocycle can add 3 litres only. Kanaer says: I discharge “ the one team in the evening is only enough I drive the car come home. ”

Disturbance is appeased before long, the recrudesce of billows of Nepalese oily city May. Because manage not to be pooh-poohed, nepalese Petroleum Company rises to return debt not in time to countervail of Indian Petroleum Company from March. Indian Petroleum Company reduces 40 % 7 days to Nepalese oil exit. It is reported, nepalese Petroleum Company owes Indian Petroleum Company to make an appointment with 6 billion Nepalese rupee in all (add up to 90 million dollar about) .

Oil can be economic lifeblood, nepalese media reports in succession, the government goes the Buddhist nun the face was given out to Indian government urgent appeal signal. Nepalese industrial and commercial with the speech when supplying chancellery 10 days to visit India is stationed in Nepalese ambassador very cordial: Ambassador of India of “ my request asks Indian Petroleum Company restores to supply, give us some of time will pay off dead horse. ”12 day, year the premier of Yi Lala stalking or branch with expensive already work also interviews Indian ambassador to seek a help accordingly.
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