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Jump over dress to export existence not to stabilize an element to the United St
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2007 first 4 months, the Vietnam dress amount that the United States imports still very big, but delivery growth range may be collected the negative effect that opposes dumping tax by United States of second half of the year. Last week, cancelled to export licence from what begin to carry out at the beginning of last year inside the river. On the other hand, first report of American government anticipates in August the bottom is released, the United States purchases business concern, this report may bring about the United States square punish acts.

The rate that the United States holds into profess to convinced from Vietnam this year may slow down, because American importer may control their order, perhaps try to be in future order of a few weeks of cancel.

The American government data of 4 months shows the head this year, american entrance amount jumps 21 % , to 1.9 billion dollar.

The United States from the quota that Vietnam abolishs at the beginning of this year later, vietnam appears to beautiful exit such growth range is not startling.

Growth range drops

Second half of the year gives carry to grow extent to may drop, the United States purchases business to be controlled apparently first half of the year fall to be measured oddly, they fear the United States may begin to collect from September oppose dumping tax.

If cancel to be restricted to the quota of Vietnam, american Department of Commerce (DOC) is about to establish a surveillant mechanism, strict surveillance of 4 kinds of sensitive breed arrive circumstance, namely, trousers, shirt, sweater, underwear and swimsuit.

This is bush-administration and two agreements that reach between main legislative, aim to may give a cause for gossip to apply to Vietnam at any time oppose dumping tax.

DOC anticipates in August the bottom releases surveillance of the first half an year to report, this report may cause the United States turn over dumping investigation.

Vietnam respect cancels to export licence

Vietnam government also established same exit surveillance mechanism, rigid asks exporter applies for licence, so that dog price level.

Just announce inside the river, export license will be cancelled.

American importer expresses clearly, bush-administration is collected without legal argument oppose dumping tax.

Collect the dress that turns over dumping duty to should protect the United States to produce a business. But, besides factory of a few a few socks, american clothing company did not put forward to impose the requirement that opposes dumping water.

Actually textile industry puts forward impose the requirement that opposes dumping tax, but they undertake complaining without legal status.

American government will must appeal at automatic investigation, but this may violate WTO regulation.

Powerful not stable element

Although bush-administration did not anticipate to Vietnam dress is collected generally,oppose dumping tax, but surveillant mechanism brings a lot of not stable elements, restrict what the United States purchases business to fall only action.
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