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The European Union announces to will stop dairy produce to export allowance
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On June 14, 2007, european Union committee announces to will stop all dairy produce that carried out nearly 40 years to export allowance. Before this, european Union dairy produce manages committee to ever expressed, the European Union will cancel to wait for the exit allowance of last batches of dairy produce to butter and cheese. 2006 metaphase, the European Union begins to abolish the exit subsidy to dairy produce stage by stage from de-fatted milk powder namely.

Graceful favour expresses the spokesman of Bai Er of commissioner of European Union agriculture, this decision must fulfill formal examination formalities. And the time that this first instance approves program estimation to need a few days only.

As a result of,cancelling dairy produce to speak the partial account of allowance is European Union " collective agriculture policy " reform, but mainer reason is price of international market dairy produce is ceaseless go tall.

1968, the European Union begins to carry out dairy produce to export allowance policy, the European Union that does not have competitive advantage in order to help on market of international dairy produce produces business. Allowance forehead spends the balance of basis international market and price of dairy products of market of European Union interior to make.

This allowance policy of the European Union is censured to be by blame government organization all the time destroy least of all the tool that developed country economy grows.

2005, because price of international market dairy produce goes low, the allowance specified number that causes an European Union is spent achieve 1.14 billion euro (add up to 1.52 billion dollar about) level.

In recent years, the abidance of price of international market dairy produce rises make what this exit allowance already did not exist necessary, the directional photograph that also reforms with European Union agriculture at the same time is consistent.

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