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Exit drawback policy affects many 500 company
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Since July 1, the exit drawback policy of 2831 commodity will be made adjust. Recently, 28 appear on the market the effect that the company removes tax rate to adjust place to bring because of exit issues announcement, drop according to the profit that forecasts in announcement amount computation, this exit drawback adjusts an influence relevant company outstanding achievement is 14.09 % .

Small gain company suffers an effect tremendous

Since on June 20, the Ministry of finance exports drawback rate to carry out to partial commodity since reducing, investor publishs can how old to relevant company generation influence with respect to what pay close attention to this one policy very much. Already released declared 28 appear on the market in the company, 14 companies forecasted profit to drop circumstance, amount is total 283 million yuan. In computation profit drops when the scale that takes net profit, our get rid of besides industry of dragon of *ST Yellow Sea, horse two 2006 the company of deficit, the others because 12 companies export drawback rate to reduce reduce profit to make an appointment with 266 million yuan, occupy the 14.09 % of total of net last year gain. From exit drawback rate reduces scale to look, 28 appear on the market the company reduces 8.29 % on average.

Profit reduces amount most is Yun Tianhua, the exit of fibre glass product of limited company of composite material of international of Chongqing of this company subsidiary retreats tax rate to will reduce 5 % by present 13 % . By exit drawback rate reduces 8 % to calculate, predict about 50 million yuan or so to Chongqing international will reduce profit 2007.

Although Yun Tianhua predicts profit decreases 50 million, but the 8.53 % that this one amount takes net 2006 profit only, under average level. Suffer exit to retreat tax rate to reduce an effect truly bigger is net profit capability of not tall, gain is not strong appear on the market company. 12 forecasted profit to drop in the company of amount, country chemical industry 5 appear on the market the company is only 2006 profit under 100 million yuan, the profit that they forecast drops amount is total 81 million, the proportion that holds total of net 2006 gain achieved 50.46 % , that is to say these gain capability are not strong appear on the market the company will bring about net profit to glide because of exporting drawback to adjust half left and right sides.

Policy is adjusted quicken share price to drop

Since June 20, grail appeared considerably adjust, shanghai points to dropped 8.32 % , a share price is common also appeared to issue defeat. And export business income is occupied bigger appear on the market the company got exit retreats tax rate to reduce an effect, drop Shanghai of apparent prep above points to extent level.

Eliminate halts the Baotou aluminous trade of the card, declared of the others exposure appears on the market 27 times company since June 20 drop on average for 18.28 % . 12 companies drop a more than 20 % , occupy the 44.44 % of gross, 25 companies drop exceed Shanghai to point to drop, occupy the 92.59 % of gross.
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