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Fruit of Xiamen entrance Taiwan innovates again tall
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Recently, a batch of fresh Taiwan love article mango, set sail from golden gate, through Sha Jinhang the line arrives at Xiamen smoothly to be the same as profit commercial and transportation center. This batch of Taiwan love article mango in all 500 box, weigh 3 tons, it is this year first bulk entrance.

Up to this year on June 19, xiamen port imports Taiwan fruit 26 batches 735 tons, add up to 6. 370 thousand box. Such, taiwan fruit imports summation of before gross weight had exceeded two years this year, innovate again tall.

Fruit of the first batch of Taiwan enters Xiamen is on May 28, 2005, in those days Xiamen imports Taiwan fruit in all 33 batches of nearly 20 thousand box 207 tons, occupy about in those days the 13 % of countrywide entrance total value. Flourishing of item on display of a few diversification, ginseng is sold, was 2005 the largest window that Taiwan fruit enters Xiamen. 2006, as in the mainland sale market extends, taiwan fruit import rises continuously, annual classics Xiamen examines fruit of quarantine entrance Taiwan amounts to 37 batches, 481 tons.

So far, come nearly 3 years already accumulative total has 18 to plant, 96 batches, fruit of 1423 tons of Taiwan arrives bank Xiamen, include: Fruit of happy, orange, jujube, persimmon, loquat, Liu Chen, citric, firedrake mixes mist of areca, Yang Tao, banana, mango, Chinese flowering quince, grapefruit, lotus, sweetsop, pineapple, Ba the many breed such as Hami melon.

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