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The fruit saves experience to export awkwardness greatly
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"Sichuan fruit crop already exceeded 5 million tons 3 years ago. But how much is Sichuan fruit speaks a volume formally? Sichuan discrepancy condition examines the number of quarantine bureau the year before last year is 1500 tons, was many tons 1100 last year. " when accepting reporter of Sichuan news network to interview on June 30, plain inside Fu Debin of general manager of limited company of Kang Yuan produce discloses Sichuan of business of export of the biggest fruit say, the fruit base attestation that because lack discrepancy condition to examine,quarantine bureau awards, the Sichuan face that saves greatly as the fruit faces the awkward situation with bad outcome.

Potential of Sichuan fruit export is tremendous but encounter exit bottleneck however

Fruit production saves experience to export bottleneck greatly

The national economy that bureau of Sichuan province statistic releases and bulletin of social progress statistic show, up to the Sichuan end 2004 province fruit crop has broken through 5 million tons. However findings shows Sichuan fruit exports an amount to be gotten less however breathtaking. "Annals passes data before is many tons 1500, glided to be 1100 tons about somewhat last year. This data is a basis of Chengdu custom declare at customs data statistic reachs, very should authoritative " , fu Debin admits exit of border of Sichuan water fructification is far more than at the same time this number, "With us the company is exemple, helped other company organize supply of goods to have more than 3000 tons for exit last year. If calculate,go up congener enterprise, this number should be gotten greatly even much. This number should be gotten greatly even much..

The Sichuan fruit that exports from Chengdu custom normally has more than 1000 tons only, a large number of fruits however by sold the coastal province such as Fujian to stick card business to export with inferior value. Does problem of Sichuan fruit export go after all where be? A fruit agency of surname plum tells Sichuan news the network to the reporter says, basically be fruit base lacks discrepancy condition to examine the attestation of quarantine bureau, "Do not have attestation to cannot be exported directly, can make the product sticking a card of others only, the profit of a large number of high additional value because this by provincial the business that stick a card earns. " Mr Li discloses to the reporter say, him enterprise organizes supply of goods for the business sticking a card of Fujian, every tons can earn 400 yuan poundage only, but pass on of the business that stick a card sells a foreign country one ton can earn 2000 yuan.

The reporter passes investigation discovery, at present Sichuan province exports a fruit to basically be given priority to with deciduous leaf fruit, exit destination is farthermost add for North America south big, but ground of the mainest sale is southeast Asia area. "Southward these countries do not produce deciduous leaf fruit, and should be later than Sichuan toward autumn of fruity of boreal fallen leaves, the distinctive landforms that adds Sichuan basin awaits pair of certain fruits to grow compatibly particularly advantageous, actually accordingly competition ability of Sichuan fruity exit is quite strong " , general manager of Bin of heart of teach of health source company manages Sichuan fruit for a long time to export business, because Sichuan is lacked,he thinks to export attestation base, just caused Sichuan fruit to be able to earn the awkward situation of Chinese money for a long time only.
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