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Chinese compose builds the content that keep tax to shed superintendency system
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Loose uncut jade of son's eldest son of countersign of customs total office is in 2007 China recently (Shanghai) international crosses a country to purchase the newest form that China introduced to protect tax other people to shed superintendency system on height forum to build a case, point out, the content keeping tax of different pattern shed superintendency carrier to offer multiple choice to cross state-owend enterprise course of study to begin international to purchase.

According to report of Xinhua News Agency, chinese inland already had the port area that keep tax at present 3, integrated free tax zone 1, the content that keep tax sheds garden division 8, free tax zone 15, exit treatment area protects tax other people to shed a center 4, the communal storehouse that keep tax and exit superintend storehouse nearly 700

At the beginning of this year, 7 exit such as hill of elder brother of Jiangsu of approval of the State Council machine an area to undertake content sheds a function extending keeping tax, begin research and development, detect, the reform that maintains business is pilot, custom published policy of relevant form a complete set in time.

Since last year June, the State Council first after approval established Shanghai foreign hill to protect duty harbor and Tianjin east border, bay of Dalian big kiln protects duty port area. The port area that keep tax has international change trains, international to deserve to send, international is purchased, the main function such as international entrepot trade and exit treatment, enjoy the content that keep tax to shed what policy and exit machine an area related garden area to join area drawback policy, it is the highest arrangement that the content that keep tax expands to flow below Chinese existing national condition.

Custom still is changed through area, network, electron is changed involve government, drive free tax zone and port area content to sort estate development. Area harbor through traffic is had " churchyard outside Shanghaiguan " the function of the free-trade area, namely " a gleam of is unlocked, second line is in charge of, the freedom inside the area, the drawback that enter an area " .

In the storehouse that keep tax and exit superintendency storehouse function extends a respect, in December 2003, basis of customs total office " Kyoto convention " revised the storehouse that keep tax to run way, permit put in storage of general trade goods, goods of the storehouse that keep tax can cross extraction involving an area, widened the origin channel of the goods that keep tax and content shed radiation to surround.

In recent years China builds the content that keep tax to shed a center on the foundation here, broke the storehouse that keep tax and exit to superintend storehouse to be deposited technically respectively into goods of condition, export and the condition of mutual segregation, the development that sorts according to international content needs, gift content of the storage that keep tax, simple treatment and appreciation service, international flows deserve to send, change trains of foreign trade, international and entrepot trade, content sheds the function such as information processing.
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