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China International Freight Forwarders Nuggets
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Quietly brought a group of financial crisis, the Nuggets were from abroad. "In the past year, a 65% decline in business." Dubai "Top Most" freight forwarding company, managing director Maqsood 10 月 23, told reporters that the main business of the past to do around the United States and Europe, but the performance of the company for the past year The traumatized and had to seek new and stable markets, he is to open up new markets to China. Maqsood like this, see China as a safe haven, came to seek foreign partners, more and more freight forwarding business. October 23,24 days, about 30 countries and more than 125 foreign governments, ports and freight forwarding company executives, Appears in the Dalian International (000,881, stock it) ocean summit, their common goal is to seek business opportunities in China. People overseas Nuggets Maqsood company "Top Most" do freight forwarding company is a professional racing and other bulky goods, in the past mainly from Europe and the United States customers. Maqsood had never thought to explore the Chinese market, and since the financial turmoil, Maqsood had to change his mind. When it comes to the bleak business in Dubai when, Maqsood beautiful mustache of a write-down, bent in a Small arches. Performance under pressure, Maqsood need to find a new "blue ocean", "I have received letters from China more than 20 letters, to do our agents, it is so, I'll see." Maqsood told the reporter that it was his first a To China, the purpose of this trip is to find a good freight forwarding company. And Maqsood difference is that the Russian shipping company chairman Yakubofu Comos has more than ten years doing business with Chinese enterprises, there are many Chinese partners. However, the impact of the financial crisis beyond all expectations, China and Russia, can not escape route. Yakubofu told reporters before the company's volume of routes between China and Russia is about 500-600 TEUs a month, but plummeted after the crisis 50-60 TEUs to a month. "Sino-Russian route is not the worst, the worst routes and even the volume to zero." In view of this, even if you as the chairman of the board, Yakubofu assistant looking for the sources with a view to early resumption of performance of the company. China's freight forwarding and more direct communication between the regional purpose of this trip is his. Summit organizers, CEO of China Shipping Hong Shue told reporters that the number of expensive foreign freight forwarding and port businesses is that the term of the characteristics of participants. "China's strong economic recovery is to attract foreign enterprises attending the most important reason for enthusiasm." Kang said Shue overseas summit invitations mailed in May, immediately received enthusiastic response, so that the company has been quite unexpected. See Wang China Opportunities The enthusiasm of foreign freight forwarding, on the one hand shows Chinese market, on the other hand it also reflects the general downturn in shipping markets. In fact, judging the prospects for the shipping, foreign freight forwarding company is clearly much different. Incoming cargo ships, general manager of Fujian, Huang Daobiao days did not smile much, just listen to the so-called recovery, "Ray sound, no rain drops," Huang Daobiao saying there are a trading company in Fujian, the business has not brought the matter Turn. Douzhuan the conversation at the summit of many domestic freight forwarding company, some from Shanghai, some from Jiangsu, is the farthest came from Guangzhou, people with one voice "sad day." Both a sad day, came all the way how Chinese foreign freight forwarding Nuggets? "Opportunities are everywhere in China," executive general manager of India, Ram Kotak Balaji Shipping is based on such judgments will be in Shanghai in August last year the company built its first Chinese branch. In Ram Kotak view, great prospects for Sino-Indian trade, the business of his own company will only get better and better, not mess up. According to its said in the past year despite the huge financial crisis, the company's shipping business in China has not Be a big impact, Balaji in Indian companies to do is dry bulk cargo transport, according to Ram Kotak analysis, Chinese power plants and other infrastructure construction has been planned for a long time, they will not cancel the financial crisis, in fact, the Chinese hand, Because of the financial crisis has accelerated the construction of its infrastructure, "Once power stations built, my business would not be broken." Even in trade with China have suffered no small frustration Yakubofu not think we should give up this market. "In fact, starting from the last month, I felt warm in the rise, the market is improving." Yakubofu told reporters, has been seeking a balance between supply and demand, cyclical fluctuations in the shipping industry it is normal, as long as the sentence Off a good trend, can still make money. "The recent Sino-Russian trade have deepened, I believe this is the signal, and an opportunity."
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