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2010 ocean freight forwarding knowledge: the Pearl River Delta Ocean manual
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Practical knowledge of ocean freight forwarding in 2010: the Pearl River Delta Maritime Operation Manual Inquiry confirmed BOOKING --- --- quote --- Booking --- to the shipping company shipping company to take place S/O--- S / O mention made cabinet cabinet --- --- --- also counters customs clearance --- --- --- provided the single confirmed fed open DEBIT NOTE --- --- --- Payment Let alone Detailed as follows: Inquiry, quotation Needless to say, from talking about the next BOOKING. 1, confirm BOOKING: BOOKING first pass of the details so you can not write, write on the company name / destination / number of cabinet / counter what type / name / to which the water with boat / On a good price on the line, the last in order to protect both parties the interest The best interests cover seal. 2, the shipping company Booking: BOOKING freight after receiving a good basis and customers about the situation allows the operator to the shipping company to arrange accommodation. 3, the shipping company put S / O: shipping companies recognized the tank and put S / O (SHIPPING ORDER) to the freight forwarding. S / O is to enhance counter, loading the certificate. 4, take the S / O mention counter: get the S / O after the under S / O write instructions to play alone, and to specify the locations mentioned cabinet. Will produce a single hit after the cabinet number and seal number. Seal is actually made of plastic and metal lock, a one-time Concept rather than the kind of paper posted up in the seals. MSC is of course the shipping companies can not play a single S / O directly to the display of the above mentioned cabinet designated locations on the line. Here will have to play a single fee (usually 30), and sometimes There will be time to mention there would be a wall cupboard cabinet fees, when a loaded container may also have an option to re-charge (based shipping companies.) 5, do cabinets: pull the trailer empty boxes (empty container) to the factory installed cabinet also called cabinet. 6, also cabinet: Bahrain cabinet, marked with seals, back to the terminal yard, can also be called also field. (Also called the empty containers back empty field also would have to pay back cabinet space charge different fees in different shipping companies.) 7, the declaration: Through Lock the trailer of a Customs Through Lock is displayed on the system, you can start a declaration. Fast, then half a day to be reported out slow, then to wait a day. If you run into bad luck, check counters, fast shipment inspection is no problem Points, the Customs glance left, then check out counter charges were wrong, salt is generally 550 (different costs of different terminals) if it is still the late cabinet, the Department again took all the goods to one investigation, it is over, etc. with the Xia Shuichuan It. So as early as possible is also cabinet. Cut off date of declaration checked the probability of the largest container. Of course, check or not check your closet and your name, the Department of mind are related uncle. 8, release: no problem, release, and arranged to wait for shipment. Can send the tone. 9, provide feeding: Since the first BOOKING only about the content of the above, so to confirm the final details of the bill of lading, it is necessary to provide feeding. 10, single: three on the list. Freight forwarding and the guest, shipping companies and freight forwarding pairs. Of good and correct, confirm OK. 11, open DEBIT NOTE: freight shipping company to open, freight forwarding, open to visitors. Confirmation to the specified account payments (exchange rate and your guests will talk about good, do not read that small fraction of the exchange rate is poor, perhaps only a few that Dollar difference between your guests will also engage in the very happy of the next cooperation). Paid their money, and arrive, you can give your guests a bill of lading (if it is put on the electric discharge power) if it is to pay, the case of another statement said. These are the Pearl River Delta region to do the whole shipping process, and any other place than Up and simplify a lot, "humanized" many "can be said to be free of the.
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