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Restricted by the soft power of the domestic air freight forwarding and need t
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For 2010, domestic air freight forwarding heard rumors of consolidation, the major airlines are moving this look for a job. Of course, integration can be a market force, enhance the overall domestic market for premium air freight forwarding business capacity. However, competition in the modern logistics system, enhance internal strength will also be unable to avoid the subject. How to seek survival and development, has become a priority in the face of domestic enterprises, the problem solved. In the "second Five-Year" plan outline, and to that of information technology into the current macro-national and social development needs. This same time, in the new introduction of the "logistics industry restructuring and revitalization plan," also stressed the need to "raise the level of logistics information," actively promote enterprise logistics management information, and promote the wide application of information technology. In the modern logistics system, especially in the field of air freight forwarding, "information technology" has become big business an important measure to increase its soft power. Internal and external factors of competition birth information It is understood, and general freight forwarding services, such as ocean freight forwarding, road freight than air freight forwarding services are a high-end. Because of the inherent air freight forwarding freight, high speed, running short period, higher characteristic time, so the requirements of information technology itself also higher. At the same time, from the perspective of the development of global trade, with the security precautions, more and more countries to enhance counter-terrorism requirements, which directly caused a change in the industry, such as U.S. Customs, is to ask a lot of imported cargo, to fly to Hong Kong before the information of all the goods to declare in advance; next year, the EU will also have similar requirements; in the country, the Chinese General Administration of Customs Decree No. 172 has similar requirements. These requirements in fact virtually the information management system of a higher requirement. "Information is a measure of the level of development of modern logistics industry an important indicator." As one of the first logistics company listed Sinotrans Air Transportation Development Co., Ltd. ("Sinotrans Development"), general manager of the National Industrial Engineering Chapter hee that " Throughout the logistics market, a comprehensive information technology into a logistics industry has been a trend, whether or business flow between customers, dependence on information systems is increasing. in the air freight forwarding industry is also getting the full performance, from order receiving, shipping, cargo arrival information, the customer receipt and a library, storage and all other aspects, have formed an integrated logistics information service platform, a lot of time, the perfect degree of information technology has become for many logistics companies In order to receive consideration when the standards. " Restricted information of international market competition In Taiwan, as in recent years, the development of logistics information, through e-port, and a series of intelligent transportation construction, the development of domestic logistics infrastructure has been increased from a mere means of information to rely on the stage efficiency. But have to admit, with the international advanced level, the overall level is still at a lower level, in particular small and medium sized logistics enterprises in the information level is low. On the one hand, less advanced information technology applications, the application is limited. On the other hand, information on production processes into business operations lower level. According to the relevant department of statistics, domestic enterprises in the logistics industry, more than 700,000, with a comprehensive logistics information management platform, companies are not more than 5%, there are a large number of logistics companies to carry out all business models remain in the manual level. This is also not difficult to explain Why buy from the four years since 2006, domestic air freight forwarding market share from 80% of the rapid decline in market share to 20%. This is of course a cargo plane, capacity and other factors, but the lack of information caused by the weakening of the service capacity is a major cause can not be ignored, the face of the stringent standards of the international market, domestic air freight forwarding and information technology there is still a long way to go. Need to overcome the domestic air freight forwarding information bottleneck Already many companies are beginning to focus on setting up its own information platform. On the one hand, from the company concerned, norms and standards of the employees operating the business, improve work efficiency; the other hand, for the company's external communication and information sharing remote data can provide a guarantee to reduce communication costs, optimize efficiency, the ultimate impact service efficiency and quality improvement. Sinotrans Air Transportation Development is the first to build a comprehensive information platform for logistics enterprises. As the information technology business models, Sinotrans Air Transportation Development since 1998 the information technology system, in the years funding has invested nearly a billion, one after another and Hewlett-Packard, Oracle, IBM and other international IT giants, development and construction of information systems to achieve full information of cross-border transport monitoring, strengthening the links of the logistics service quality and enhance the value of its logistics platform, and provides logistics and transport industry, the service benchmark. Shanghai Pudong airport official said that the development of VIP outside the network through Sinotrans query system customization, we can always faster to access information on the goods to meet the logistics needs of our diverse. The results of information technology led directly to the pull of the market. Sinotrans Air Transportation Development, according to Shang Bannian performance report shows the first half net profit rose nearly 21 times the monthly growth are maintained at 50%, are over-growth, in 2010 three quarterly show, the company achieved operating income of 2.47 billion yuan, an increase of 70%. Of course, the domestic enterprises, such as Sinotrans to develop such a large capital investment to do such a complete system is not a lot, but as the representative of the development of transport other than the modern information logistics model, the current recovery and development of the domestic air cargo market play a catalytic role. We can see the future of information into the core of modern logistics modes will gradually become mainstream, competitive international markets, enhance the soft power can not be avoided, we will go beyond the walls.
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