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The rapid development of international freight forwarding business logistics in
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Trends in global trade integration in the promotion of rapid growth in foreign trade business, but also stimulated the rapid development of international freight forwarding business. Kerry EAS Logistics from the international freight forwarding, executive vice president and general manager of the North, said Jiang Tao, and now has become a major international freight forwarding business logistics company's core business development projects, its strong momentum of development, will become the logistics industry the "key." Kerry EAS Logistics as a leading third party logistics providers, the development of international freight forwarding business is one of the core group in the resource integration, customs clearance, business experience has its own unique advantages and fully reflects its international freight forwarding business efficient rule: Kerry Chase, a law and efficient: three-dimensional integration of resources With the rapid development of international trade, international freight forwarding dense born to the business involves a number of aspects of logistics, its business is also diverse. Such as cargo storage, customs declaration, inspection, etc. Another example is land, sea and air intermodal methods, which necessarily involves the logistics of a company's ability to integrate existing resources. Kerry EAS Logistics provides international freight forwarding business, including all of the current international services, and relying on its vast international scale resources, to provide customers with comprehensive and personalized custom service. Through independent research and information technology systems KerrierVISION, Kerry EAS system to achieve a seamless connection with our customers, and the deployment of existing resources through a unified, so that part of the distribution network to form a three-dimensional structure, thus ensuring customers can Kerry Chase provide an efficient, low-cost freight transportation services. According to Jiang Tao, the future of the international freight forwarding business dispute must be a scale of war, who built large and comprehensive network, who is in the hands of more powerful resources, who will be able to achieve significant competitive advantage. The parent company of Chase Kerry - Kerry Logistics in China and is relying on its rich resources of the entire East Asian region, one step at a steadily expanding network of services in Europe and America, and thus establish its worldwide market position advantage. "The company has two plates in the Asia-Europe a more comprehensive network of properties or partners, and plans to gradually expand the North American side of the business network, to further improve the integration of global resources, improve the efficiency of distribution chain", Jiang Tao introduced to. Kerry Chase efficient rule two: excellent resource declaration The declaration during international transport links have always been part of the whole transport one of the most important aspects, the length of time required for customs clearance directly affects the cycle of transporting goods, and customs in relation to many aspects of international freight forwarding business, customs clearance rate and the time required for customs clearance, and its role is particularly prominent. "In the declaration process, the good customs of its lower sampling rate of enterprises, will greatly shorten the customs clearance time, thus saving a large extent the transport cycle, which in particular about the timeliness of the business environment, which for the customer in terms of very important. " Jiang Tao said, Kerry EAS Logistics has a very good team and a wealth of customs declaration service experience. Kerry Chase is now the gateway to many member companies can enjoy a number of policies to facilitate customs clearance. Jiang Tao also describes the road, Kerry EAS Logistics also in the declaration process in which the use of information technology to achieve with the China Electronic Port Platform Networking declaration, the use of information in the declaration process for data network and the customs dock, which compared to the traditional customs means, greatly reducing data entry time and improve the efficiency of customs clearance. Kerry Chase efficient rule three: real breakthrough, tempered into a steel No matter how rich in resources, or how good the declaration of resources, we need a good team to be able to maximize the optimal allocation of resources. Involved in the international freight forwarding business links its diverse and complex, so the ability to control the requirements of the project is also particularly demanding. In practice, Kerry EAS Logistics team the courage to dare to break through the self, superior acting according to circumstances, and the unity and dedication of the work attitude, the successful completion of a highly sophisticated precision instruments, a domestic freight projects, creating the logistics sector legend. According to Jiang Tao introduction, the project services "hero" - precision instruments, of the transport requirements of the high difficulty of the current logistics and transport market is known as unprecedented. The transport process involves land, sea and air, and for temperature, humidity, and stability all have demanding requirements. The Kerry Chase, after receiving the item, in-depth discussion of research, taken by air charter, sea half hovercraft, marine consistent style, air-land transport, charter transportation, comprehensive Free Trade Zone part of the parts assembly, six solving model portfolio use, in consultation with the Government to take the key sections to clear the way police and other special models, and ultimately the successful completion of the task, creating an amazing legend logistics field. In the future development of international freight forwarding business, Kerry EAS Logistics is steadily building its global logistics network, expand business scale, and through further integration of their own resources, all-round improve their overall competitiveness in order to stand in the market for a long time position.
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