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Intense competition in international freight forwarding industry in Shenzhen Hu
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We know the current in the Pearl River Delta and Shenzhen, the country's logistics hub region has been steadily prominent, has become a major import and export powerhouse, but there is trade, not the natural lack of international freight forwarding, also contributed to the Shenzhen International Freight Forwarding industry. Statistics show that China's current import and export of the commodities, 80% of sea freight forwarding enterprises through different levels of international participation in the successful completion. In Shenzhen, there are industry estimates, the international freight forwarding companies to do as many as tens of thousands, and has grown up a number of strong "leading" enterprises, such as China operation, King Huafeng, all Hui, Hua Hui, sen Bang, Chung-Sheng Yuandong and so on. Thus, in order to engage in international freight forwarding industry in Shenzhen, and insist on doing down the development and growth, not an easy thing. Wave in a highly competitive, but also to dare the "beach-goers." Relying on the sea, Dongguan City International Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. all strong advantages in resources, with a strong financial strength, Shenzhen Hui Jones Shenzhen International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. through the Trade and Industry, Shenzhen Customs approval, established in 2010. In the early years, the company is positioned as "professional and import customs clearance as the leading third party logistics services company," Jones opened the development of international shipping companies Hui curtain. According to the company manager, Mr. Yang Hua, Customs introduced Jones Hui International Transportation Company based in Guangdong Huanggang, Yantian, Shekou, Sha Tin, Huangpu port for the import of 5 major service points, services, customs agency services cover / inspection, commodity inspection record The old mechanical and electrical for the record, the inspection agency, import licenses, agent import documents, import transport, Hong Kong, warehousing, international freight forwarding, international trade, Vietnam, land transport, transport of dangerous goods, services, global procurement center. According to the company manager, Mr. Yang Hua, Customs described the company's imports of machinery and electronic products, especially in old and new has done more prominent, doing more in Germany, the United States, Japan, Vietnam and other countries of import services, including import customs clearance, inspection aspects of full service. Some experts believe that Shenzhen has thousands of freight forwarding companies, coupled with the development of China's international freight forwarding industry, a relatively short history, the vast majority of international freight forwarding company founded less than a decade, therefore, Shenzhen freight forwarding industry as a whole in a "small , a small, weak, scattered "situation in which small-scale, asset size is small, less services, less professional, less competitive, financing capacity is weak, uneven quality of services, lack of network or network scattered, non-standard order of operation and so on, which makes a number of international freight forwarding companies in Shenzhen in the fierce market competition, survival of smaller and smaller. Positive transformation, Shenzhen has become the new direction of international freight forwarding business. With the domestic economy this year, the improvement, enterprise transformation efforts have been deepened, more and more businesses need reliable import logistics provider. In this situation, Jones Hui Import and Export Corporation had full experience, integration advantages, forming a mechanical and electrical products import agent, the agent imports of chemical products, wood furniture imports as the leading agent of the three import service brand. Because Jones has a wealth of import declaration Hui experienced team, so that the actual situation according to the customer to provide the most appropriate logistics solutions and professional import import operation, for each customer, to take hand full tracking service, from the business negotiations, to the operation of feedback, to the late extension services, and strive to let each customer satisfaction, so widely praised by customers. For better development, and Jones-hui is vigorously developing ZDH logistics software. According to Manager Yang said, the software is mainly to provide international logistics supply chain software support to provide integrated logistics solutions for customers. The company's foreign agents and domestic agents, and domestic company headquarters just go to the system, you can share logistics resources and logistics information. Hui Jones are set for each shipment with a number, customers simply enter a single number, you can know their own goods by sea, air, land and customs of the state, which can follow up with their shipping processes, greatly improving efficiency. Although Tat Fai is an emerging public companies, are growing in the company, however, Jones Hui people understand itself and the gap between large enterprises, therefore, they are more doubled in the efforts to customer satisfaction as the work main goal, and strive to integrate global logistics resources advantages, to create a professional, safe and efficient international logistics supply chain platform. In Shenzhen port, active in this group of people, they attached a vendor, an attached shipping companies, import manufacturers busy day to contact the cabin, the declaration, the shipment date set for the shipping companies Lanhuo so that is step by step they move forward, tireless Jones Hui people.
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