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Custom withdraws executive import goods transport new measure
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Recently, the reporter learns, will apply since April 1 new " goods of import of custom of People's Republic of China withdraws carry government measure directly " (" method " ) . Before altogethering to receive procedures of condition hind, customs clearance doing a form in goods, import content receives controller of consignor, primary carriage tool or its are procuratorial (party of the following a general designation) application will be all or partial goods removes movement condition directly outside, or custom instructs what withdraw motion directly about the regulation according to the country, all applicable this " method " .

" method " regulation: Before goods receives procedures of condition hind, customs clearance doing a form, have one of following state, party can apply for to deal with the direct formalities that withdraw motion to custom, offer application to goods seat custom with written form by party:

Because national trade manages policy to adjust, consignee cannot offer relevant certificate;

Belong to wrong hair, by accident discharge or excessive discharging content, can offer consignor or of writ of carrier certify to;

Receive consignor both sides to talk things over to agree consistently to withdraw motion, can offer both sides to agree to retreat the certify to writ of carry;

Concerned commerce produces issue, of the evidence of effective goods droit that can provide forensic judgment, arbitral orgnaization to arbitrate decision book perhaps does not have controversy; Goods damage damage or the country examines quarantine is unqualified, of the book of proclaimed in writing of relevant check test and verify that can supply a country to examine to quarantine branch applies for according to consignee and be issued.

" method " return a regulation: Before goods receives procedures of condition hind, customs clearance doing a form, one of following scenario ought to withdraw motion lawfully, outside instructing party to remove import matter movement condition directly by custom: Import the goods that the country prohibits importing, after classics custom is handled lawfully; Disobey a country to examine quarantine policy code, classics country examines to quarantine branch is handled and be issued " examine quarantine handles advice note " of postscript of proclaimed in writing of other perhaps evidence; The solid waste material that imports without permitting entrance of do sth without authorization to belong to limitation uses as raw material, after classics custom is handled lawfully; Disobey a country to concern law, administrative regulations, ought to order the other state that withdraws motion directly.

As we have learned, in recent years, the entrance container useless metal that a large number of radioactivity exceed bid badly, not agree with the entrance that environmental protection asks is useless plastic wait for the trash that violates compasses entrance to swarm into my port in great quantities, this " method " come on stage, strengthened the government that removes use directly to import content further, better standard the operation mode of the direct goods that withdraw motion, have active sense to defending safety of our country environment further.
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