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Customs total office: Foreign trade of portion our country grew 3 to become in J
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According to custom statistic, this year first total value of imports and exports of foreign trade of our country of a month one hundred and fifty-seven billion three hundred and sixty million dollar, than last year the corresponding period (similarly hereinafter) grow 30.5% , export 86.62 billion dollar among them, grow 33% ; Import 70.74 billion dollar, grow 27.5% , foreign trade continues to maintain good growth momentum. Because the Spring Festival was in last year January, suffer holiday effect, growth of our country foreign trade appeared more rapid January this year.

Custom statistic shows, our country is common January commerce imports and exports 71.12 billion dollar, grow 33.2% ; Improvement trade imports and exports 70.7 billion dollar, grow 25.7% .

January, european Union, United States, Japan becomes associate of my 3 large trade with 26.46 billion dollar, 23.43 billion dollar, 17.51 billion dollar respectively. And I maintain to imports and exports of main commerce associate grow steadily, add with the bilateral trade of European Union, United States, Japan fast it is respectively 37.9% , 27.8% with 26.5% . In associate of my 10 large trade, bilateral trade total value was our country and India January 2.63 billion dollar, grow 63.3% , exceed Canada (the corresponding period, commerce total value is added to be 2.23 billion dollar in) the 10th large trade that makes our country is companionate.

According to custom statistic, guangdong saved total value of imports and exports January 44.96 billion dollar, grow 32.9% , 28.6% what hold total value of imports and exports of whole nation of the corresponding period, for province of countrywide the biggest commerce. The corresponding period, total value of imports and exports of Jiangsu, Shanghai visits town each in the whole nation (area) part a row the 2nd, 3, total value of imports and exports is mixed for 26.43 billion dollar respectively 20.79 billion dollar, grow respectively 36.4% with 27.2% .

In exporting goods, exit of mechanical and electrical products exceeds half of country, exit of traditional heavy goods is added sign is good. The data that custom provides makes clear, our country mechanical and electrical products exported 48.8 billion dollar January, grow 35.1% , 56.3% what occupy the corresponding period to export total value. Among them, electric equipment and electronic product export 20.3 billion dollar, grow 40.1% ; Machinery and equipment export 16.59 billion dollar, grow 36.6% . Product of new and high technology exports 23.01 billion dollar, grow 30.5% . In addition, growth of export of traditional heavy goods is rapid. Among them, dress and clothing accessories export 8.14 billion dollar, grow 22.3% ; Spin yarn, fabric and goods export 4 billion dollar, grow 11.6% ; Shoe kind export 2.26 billion dollar, grow 17.2% .

In importing goods, raw product entrance is added fast under industrial product the entrance is added fast. According to custom statistic, our country imported raw product January 17.12 billion dollar, grow 23.2% . Among them, entrance iron ore 35.85 million tons, grow 31.9 % ; Soja 2.43 million tons, grow 43.8% . The corresponding period, entrance industry product 53.62 billion dollar, grow 28.9% , 75.8% what occupy the corresponding period to import total value. Among them, entrance mechanical and electrical products 37.12 billion dollar, grow 25.2% ; Entrance car 20 thousand, grow 11.4% .
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