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Shenzhen airport: Annals analysed the company 2007
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Shenzhen airport realizes every profit 6 years 0.283 yuan, anticipate generally under the market slightly, main reason is rising somewhat at cost of four quarters cost.

6 years portfolio growth exceeds the market to anticipate: The airport begins experience to produce 5 years first quarter can bottleneck, business of the corresponding period is added fast drop apparent, growth base is inferior; Drive year of airport business 6 years growth is apparent, and growth of business of the airport after entering 6 years of second half of the year returns to 10% right-and-left industries to increase a level afresh, growth falls since annual airport implementation 11.9% . Because airspace and ground infrastructure are restricted, predicting 07-08 year airport portfolio growth is smooth, growth falls to be in likely since 8% the left and right sides, will under industry standard.

6 years cost of four quarters cost raises somewhat: As a result of directional add hair item, the talented person that for building of 2 boat station operation has 3 years ahead of schedule is laid in, and after infuse of new capital fund increase orgnaization staff newly, four quarters begin the airport manpower cost rises somewhat, annulus is compared advocate battalion cost and overhead expenses increased to be close to 30 million, cost raises reduced level of four quarters profit margin, it is outstanding achievement under anticipate main reason.

Emerald aviation will increase continuously put in in Shenzhen transport power: Up to 6 the end of the year, emerald aviation throws 2 B747 in all, introduced a B747 again 7 years in March, predict 7 the end of the year achieve 5 B747, 8 the beginning of the year realize 6 B747 of the program to put in; Because run good, benefit relatively beautiful (understand according to flank, at present integral carry rate compares emerald aviation ideal, leave the country carry rate is adjacent be fully loaded with, enter a country to also be achieved 40% , integrated carry rate is achieved 70% , carry ratio index is banner inside level of boat freight carry, achieve balance of profit and loss basically at present, in run initial stage to be able to achieve balance of profit and loss, the circumstance is quite hopeful) , han Sha increases a plane to introduce likely and transport power puts in strength, long-dated achieve 10 B747 to run dimensions, aircraft group amount and portfolio dimensions will be forecasted more formerly have promote substantially. 6 years airport implementation goods mails handling capacity 560 thousand tons, money of its China time is controlled in 70 thousand tons about, predict hopeful of international goods volume turns over times 7 years; 6 years profit of international goods station is close to 10 million, goods stands yield is in 5 million the left and right sides, predict 7 special purchases for the Spring Festival stand yield will turn over times at least, add system of on 7 years of accountings to reform, double shed airport equity to invest balance to booth disappear cancels and increase profit, predict airport yield growth is apparent 7 years.
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