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About beginning inside trade goods is crossed condition carry pilot job announce
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Revitalize northeast strategic deploy to ascertain a state, government of people of province of Ying Heilong river about inside trade goods borrows Daoeluosi marine to the request with our country coastal southeast, decision of customs total office is pilot to this gives active support and be being begun run. Show announcement of pilot to concerning matters concerned to be as follows:

One, this announcement place says goods of the trade inside “ crosses condition carriage ” is to show inland trade goods passes churchyard by our country one port start shipment, the carry outside telling pass through the territory of a country closes churchyard to our country the business of another port.   

2, this announcement applies to Heilongjiang only provincial carry of pass through the territory of a country of port of Russia of trade goods classics reachs our country southeast is coastal the management of haven. Of pilot phase leave the country port is restricted to peaceful fragrance river, be restricted into condition port Shanghai, Ning Bo, Huang Bu, port of place classics Russia is restricted holothurian sprain harbor (accord with pulls Diwosituoke) , eastern port, Na Huode blocks harbor.   

3, pilot phase allows to begin inside the management enterprise that trade goods crosses condition carrying trade Wu (the following abbreviation runs a company) , be confined to Heilongjiang to omit financial condition good, scale is large, already registered the business that register in custom.   

4, management enterprise is dealt with to Harbin custom inside trade goods is crossed condition carry put on record formalities, ought to submit following data:

(One) Heilongjiang saves people government to issue approve a document;

(2) " inside trade goods crosses application form of condition carrying trade Wu " (see accessory 1)

(3) " goods of imports and exports of custom of People's Republic of China receives consignor to sign up for attention book to register certificate " ;   

(4) the bank that accords with custom regulation protects case to wait assure;   

(5) the other data that custom needs.   

5, goods of inside Shanghaiguan trade is confined to the goods outside prohibiting receiving a condition goods and licence management goods except the country. Trade goods is restricted to use container to lade inside, be in by custom peaceful fragrance river port brings to bear on involve a lock, classics railroad is carried directly to Russia port, shipping of use China book makes case (do not tear open, do not change container) acceptance of consignment comes southeast me coastal haven. Container casing must be accorded with " the container that to be being used at lading custom superintends goods mixes custom of People's Republic of China the superintendency method of railroad car of container type van " (customs total office makes the 110th) formulary standard.   
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