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The circumstance that custom protection Olympic indicates (in / flower)
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Total office of customs of People's Republic of China

Two years on January 31

To fulfil application commitment, ensure the success of the 29th Olympic Games is held, the State Council came on stage 2002 " Olympic mark protects byelaw " . Basis " Olympic mark protects byelaw " regulation, custom ought to carry out the protection that indicates to Olympic in link of border of pass in and out.   

Custom supervises administrative office as condition of national pass in and out, in the foreign trade order with be safeguarded normal, ensure the legitimate rights and interests of intellectual property obligee, blow violates the aspect of imports and exports of intellectual property goods, loading obligatory responsibility and obligation. To the protection of Olympic mark patent rights, it is custom is besides special to brand right, patent and copyright, a when the country gifts new main job. Customs total office indicates to can carry out Olympic effectively the border land of patent rights is protected, in " byelaw " after coming on stage made in time a series of measure of government of form a complete set, strengthening be investigated the collaboration with BOCOG, actively and normative interior handles a case the respect such as the program made specific provision, the Olympic mark patent rights that will put on record in customs total office gives to the society open, increase propagandist strength.

From " since Olympic indicates protective rules is carried out " , countrywide custom system already investigated imports and exports to encroach Olympic to indicate the case of patent rights goods is close 100 cases. Tort goods involves a variety of products such as dress shoe cap, sporting goods, light industrial, spin. Custom executes the law affirmatory to fulfilling our country government application obligation and contribute for what the Olympic Games built favorable legal environment to make his 2008. The protection that our country custom indicates to Olympic works, won the sufficient affirmation of the International Olympic Committee and BOCOG.

Beijing undertook 2008 the Olympic Games, to promoting our country comprehensive national power, reforming and opening of propagandist our country and modernization achievement have important sense. During Beijing Olympic Games is held, passenger of condition of pass in and out and goods can have relatively substantially increase, the condition of pass in and out of the souvenir that encroachs Olympic mark and commodity of sham pilfer edition also is met inevitably somewhat grow in quantity. We will be strengthened in the light of afore-mentioned circumstances execute the law, strive to make Beijing Olympic Games became a success and clean Olympic Games 2008.

China Customs Protection Of Olympic Symbols

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