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Custom increases blow strength, smuggling of determined check trash enters a cou
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Put on record of branch of countrywide custom suppress smuggling investigated smuggling trash case 49 cases 2006, seize waste material of of all kinds solid 8002.3 tons, among them industrial trash 7480.9 tons, life rubbish 521.4 tons, adopted coercive measures to 178 crime suspect. Encouraging renewable resources import, blow trash enters a country illegally, protection lives environment, positive effect was produced in defending each work such as normal economy order.

From hunt down case case to look, trash contrabands an activity to present 4 characteristics: It is to contraband channel to be given priority to with maritime smuggle, circumstance of bogus newspaper the name of an article is outstanding. Case of trash of about 30% smuggling enters Chinese inland via maritime smuggling, 2 it is freight channel smuggling trash activity basically signs up for means of the name of an article to highlight with bogus, if will abandon activator (the country prohibits importing) bogus newspaper is platinic concentrate. 3 it is trash origin, flow direction is centered relatively, trash basically comes from developed country and the area such as Euramerican, Korea, Japan. The 4 trash that are smuggling are phyletic and main with industrial trash (contain electronic rubbish) , life rubbish is in the majority.

Be aimed at above characteristic, countrywide custom breaks trash smuggling to be a target into the sea land passageway of the condition with block, increase the maritime, onshore strength that check arrest ceaselessly. At present solicit comments of customs total office is in and total bureau of national environmental protection is begun jointly aim to strengthen pair of “ to waste environment of imports and exports of trash of ozonosphere material ” , processing, rigor is on guard and the “ of the illegal crime activity such as smuggling of trash of effective keep within limits fills day of special operation ” , this action deadline is came on September 10, 2006 on June 30, 2007.

Meanwhile, countrywide custom holds to the front to superintend investigate and deal with sb with detect case, daily check arrest and special blow, information to manage be united in wedlock with risk analysis, make full use of administration and criminal execute the law two kinds method, declaring, check, discharged close reach sequel management link to begin the operation that check arrest. Main measure is:

Execute trash to import an enterprise to classify management, encourage drive useless metal and pattern of management of type of area of useless plastic garden. Execute the principle of abide by the law advantage, discuss the train of thought that to “ two useless ” import an enterprise to execute classified management and mode, to abide by the law company of management backbone of type of production, study those who make phasing answer to know the administrative pattern that closes convenience arrange bestow to strengthen follow-up check photograph to be united in wedlock, declare in order to urge abide by the law company to custom according to the facts lawfully, want to increase the superintendency strength of pair of not abide by the law enterprises at the same time. Draw lessons from experience of peaceful wave and other places seriously, drive concerned branch actively to build renewable resources to machine garden area.
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