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Jin Renqing: Fuel tax may increase masses burden
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Now National People's Congress of 10 whole nations on 5 conferences press conference, jin Renqing of minister of Ministry of finance expresses, fuel tax publishs need to straighten road to collect fees, basically be to raise travelling expenses to collect fees with etc. Imposing fuel tax is to be able to promote those who increase the sources of energy and beaded finish to protect, but the burden of possible masses will be a few greater.

Because different person walks the accident of the road is different, the loading capacity of the car is different, time is different, beautiful fuel is different also, total tax is lost won't increase authority burden, but fulfil every everybody, unit to be about the ground runnings service oily circumstance and calm.   

Be told of course from tax rate, fuel tax also can rise secondhand now managing the function that uses oil, still also need to design tax system to solve further. We still clutch preparation, the hope can publish the fuel tax that designs so as soon as possible, but it is mature that the key still should treat a condition.

Author: Liang Wenjun

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