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Import taxation policy about fulfilling the State Council to accelerate those wh
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Hall of finance of city of only kind of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, plan (bureau) , development is reformed appoint (committee of planning) , classics (trade) appoint, national revenue, bureau of finance affairs of large unit of Xinjiang production construction, development is reformed appoint, guangdong of customs total office divides custom of arrange, each directly under, the Ministry of finance is stationed in sheet of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, plan to arrange city finance censorial commissioner agency:
To increase capacity of the core competition ability of our country enterprise and own innovation, the development of stimulative equipment manufacturing industry, carry out those who fulfil the State Council to revitalize equipment manufacturing industry about accelerating to concern spirit of policy of import revenue privilege, notice concerned issue as follows now:
One, can last what decide in the State Council to promoting national economy development has distinct effect, upgrade to structural adjustment, industry, inside the field of key of great technology equipment that enterprise innovation has active belt to move action (see accessory 1) , reform jointly with development by the Ministry of finance appoint, total bureau of Wu of customs total office, duty makes policy of special import revenue, it is the development, part key that make these equipment and imports to domestic company the import tariff of the pay of raw material place that component and home cannot produce and import segment value added tax are executed ask for first regressive. Place drawback money invests processing as the country commonly, turn national capital gold, basically use at the development production of company new product and construction of own innovation ability.
2, the Ministry of finance is reformed jointly with development appoint, the domestic and international development that in detailed knowledge of all kinds and great skill equips makes the branch such as total bureau of Wu of customs total office, duty and relevant guild on the foundation of level of production of state of circumstance, supply and demand, crucial component and raw material country, in the light of major equipment each domain item-by-item makes clear the specific content of policy of special import revenue, the finance affairs of the limits of the raw material that the specific specification that includes each major equipment that enjoys policy and requirement, crucial component that needs an import truly to make this equipment and home cannot produce and drawback imposition handles way. After the policy of special import revenue of each domain concerns a section by business of Ministry of finance, above is carried out to grandfather cloth.
3, after policy of each special import revenue is announced, if production company of equipment of relevant and great technology needs to import policy to provide the crucial component inside and raw material, can carry enterprise seat provincial people government or the application that put forward to enjoy policy of import revenue privilege to the Ministry of finance with class finance department; Central enterprise offers application to the Ministry of finance directly (the content of company application file sees accessory 2) .
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