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About foreign hill the custom such as the port area that keep tax superintends s
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Each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government and plan sheet list city state revenue: 

Basis " the give an official that the State Council keeps duty port area about creating foreign mountain " (the country cases 2005 〕 of 〔 54) reach " the State Council about perfecting bead bay the written reply to a subordinate body that crosses measure of policy of area of garden of Zhuhai of condition industrial district " (the country cases 2005 〕 of 〔 13) file spirit, notice concerned provision as follows now: 
One, foreign hill protects duty port area (abbreviation port area) and bead bay cross region of garden of Zhuhai of condition industrial district (abbreviation garden area) the taxation policy that enjoys exit to machine an area, namely domestic goods enters port area or garden area is inspected with exit, execute drawback, the goods of the enterprise inside port area or garden area trades not to impose value added tax, consumption tax. Specific policy preps according to " total bureau of national tax Wu about print and distribute < revenue of exit treatment division runs temporary measure > announcement " (duty delivers the state 〔 2000 〕 155) and " total bureau of national tax Wu machines area bad news to use water about exporting, . 
2, ” of exit of domestic goods “ reachs the port area or garden area, industry inside port area or garden trifling the water that bad news uses, report, gas (steam) , the exit with the export applicable goods that provides by active policy retreats tax rate to carry out. 
3, specific executive date, after with port area or custom of garden area classics total arrange checks and accept qualification jointly jointly with concerned branch, close operational date to be accurate.

Total bureau of national tax Wu
Two years on December 15

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