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Straight boat of passenger transport of two sides of advantage of custom new mea
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Report from our correspondent recently, custom of Xiamen of hand of Fuzhou sea correlation, come on stage again simplify the new measure that ship of cross-strait straight regular boat declares formalities, with straight boat of passenger transport of convenient two sides.

According to introducing, via simplifying after formalities, normally the circumstance issues ship of cross-strait straight regular boat to need to be referred to custom only " total declaration form " , " sailor article declaration form " , " manifest " wait for 3 declaration form to occupy, encounter have bear the weight of when goods of goods, shipping and sailor are fluctuant, just need to offer corresponding " goods declaration form " , " shipping goods declaration form " , " sailor list " .

As we have learned, fujian port is at present direct to the stage shipping of come-and-go passenger transport has 3 fixed line: Fuzhou horsetail - Ma Zu, Xiamen - city of golden gate, spring Shijing golden gate. Fuzhou custom understands straight boat passenger line shipping did not contract to do a job basically goods of goods, shipping is opposite after stable, sailor's rare and fluctuant circumstance, associated Xiamen custom was rolled out simplify the measure that declares formalities.

According to introducing, before this, fuzhou custom already faced passenger of cross-strait straight boat to roll out ” of passageway of setting “ green, “ to add up to a joyous passageway ” , raise a fare duty-free carry specified number of Taiwan commodity price, relax the tourist carries restriction of amount of Taiwan broomcorn wine, the passenger transport shipping of straight to be engaged in boat gives a series of advantage such as policy of derate of duty of entrance mechanical and electrical products straight boat pass measure.

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