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Entrance of Guangdong port cotton measures acute to decrease
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Entrance cotton quality drops ceaselessly, add aspirant mouth duty and quota to adjust, make Guangdong port cotton imports a quantity to drop considerably. The reporter learned from Gongbei custom recently, province of 1-2 month Guangdong imports cotton this year 9287 tons, value 11.85 million dollar, than last year the corresponding period drops respectively 55.8% with 56.9% .

Custom expresses, because rapid growth pulls textile,move pair of cotton demand to increase considerably, china is driving to importing pily demand in recent years. But reach supply of goods of advanced course cotton to be not worth greatly as a result of import volume recently, foreign supplier controls a respect to be loosened somewhat in character, “ of partial foreign trader is ordered high low hand in ” , shoddy, entrance cotton character drops continuously. Especially cotton of entrance of second half of the year demoted last year the case is severe, and be in the process that cotton imports return existence to be short of jin little two, damaged of a bale of cotton and package bugle call not clear, pollution, water is wet, mildew and rot, adulterate wait for a phenomenon, affected the entrance desire of domestic company directly.

The personage inside course of study points out, countrywide cotton cultivated an area to grow considerably last year, grew 0.48% again on this foundation again 2007, add division yield cotton considerably increase production, chinese cotton crop is added by 5.7 million tons of on one year reach 6.5 million tons, breach of domestic supply and demand gets alleviating certainly; Additional, the cotton grower that finance will take out 500 million yuan to be cultivated to choosing pily fine to plant in the center of this year carries out every mus of 15 yuan allowance, allowance area is 33.33 million mus. Rise to domestic cotton crop, the anticipation with cotton stable price, make cotton spinning enterprise is imported to cotton doubly careful.

As we have learned, the cotton that the state grants this year imports quota to decrease greatly. Meanwhile, to stabilize domestic cotton value, the country carries out new entrance since this year slippery standard tax rate, make import pily price and linkage of international market implementation, price of cotton of the entrance after paying tax and country cotton price general interest comparatives, price difference of cotton of inside and outside narrowed, make import a quantity to decrease subsequently.

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