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Wei of tycoon of acting labour of whole world of black hole of foreign trade of
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To problem of long-standing ” of black hole of foreign trade “ , custom is acting in the thunderbolt that lifts a check.

Come out from Shanghai custom respect message, customs total office is applying for brushstroke to the Ministry of finance special fund, with the special audit funds that superintends at augment customs customs officer.

“ this special fund, be used technically at enterprise of ’ of problem of foreign trade ‘ check. ” here message personage says.

Introduce according to Shanghai custom officer, go up in export trade before this, custom discovers an enterprise violate compasses clew, connect regular meeting to invite professional audit orgnaization to undertake checking to ” of “ problem enterprise. However because custom funds is limited, the charge that retains professional audit orgnaization often is by “ problem enterprise ” is assumed, affected custom to export the drawback, smuggling check that violates compasses illegal case to diddle then.

Now, custom audit is special of charge fulfil, the passive aspect that alters the likelihood custom to go up in trade company customs officer. The reporter learns, first special check funds may be in this year in June - reached the designated position in succession in September.

Wei achieves incident of pay tax evaded of force a huge sum

On April 11, wei of —— of news of ” of dazzling of a “ appeared to achieve force electron science and technology on the in-house network of Shanghai custom (Shanghai) limited company (Wei of “ of the following abbreviation achieves power ”) transfers the material that keep tax as a result of “ do sth without authorization ” , pay tax evaded 28.11 million.

Wei achieves power is one of acting treatment companies with the biggest whole world all the time, this company is located in Shanghai fine calm area, it is Singapore Wei limited company of the international that achieve power is contributive the solely invested enterprise of activate of 30 million dollar.

According to Shanghai custom concerned respect personage introduces, incident of pay tax evaded happens in Wei to achieve what power generation machines Motolora mobile phone to approve in. Because be mobile phone of Motolora acting labour, wei achieves force to need to import the raw assembly parts of Motolora mobile phone from abroad regularly, machine ” means entrance with “ supplied materials.

According to the concerned regulation of custom respect, this kind of material that is used at exporting a product, enjoy when the entrance avoid custom duty and pay of value added tax, but the finished product that premise is treatment must be used at exit. Acting treatment company must not have the product sale in domestic market with any forms.

But the reporter understands, in going two years, wei achieves force to expect what these keep tax however a treatment that is used at other trademark mobile phone, use the same a replacement that purchases home at the same time, assemble exit of then of Motolora mobile phone, violated the regulation of custom badly.
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