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Atlantic market leads freight rate to upsurge
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"Troubled times " one word is not what good sign in the Chinese's dictionary. But market of movement of the lake a narrow passage between mountains that Hong Kong agent generalizes this week with this word boat, pour may not to have what derogatory sense so.
Zhou Zhong has many cases in a narrow passage between mountains of Pacific Area lake boat clinch a deal, course going there and back hires valence also very quickly by 50, 000 dollars / day change comes 62, 500 dollars / day.
Atlantic area goes up situation is fiercer, cross Atlantic course going there and back to hire valence by 59, 000 dollars / Tian Biao rises to 67, 000 dollars / day. In addition, one 160, 000 carring capacity ton freight rate of boat shipping iron ore is near 33 dollars / ton. Another 150, 000 carring capacity ton boat manage Cha Dewan (Richards Bay) to Lu Tedan freight rate is 22.5 dollars / ton.
Short-term period hire the market on one 2003 build a ship (176, 000 carring capacity ton) period hire 3-5 lunar hire is achieved 70, 000 dollars / day.
Trade longerly in lease respect, "Anangel Sailor " date, 7 the beginning of the year make a boat, lease 5 years, hire is 41, 000 dollars / day.
Agent of this Hong Kong has hope quite in active level to valence is being hired to maintain before the Christmas.

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