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International shipping market many indexes last violent wind rises
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Hot setting still is in international shipping market continuously, the many indexes of shipping market appeared to last in the round a few days ago violent wind rises a situation, each indexes rise extent all exceeds 100 a little bit, the index of Baltic integrated freight that does bulk cargo to carry the market to walk along ” of situation “ barometer on behalf of international (BDI) is to break through 7700 bits of col more, achieve the history new tall. On August 31, index of freight rate of Baltic lake a narrow passage between mountains shipping (index of freight rate of BCI) and Baltic Panama shipping (BPI) in pairs goes up even more 100 a little bit: BCI achieves the history 4 days continuously new tall, toward push forward of 11000 bits of col; BPI stands on 7600 a little bit. Originally small the Baltic oversoul that go up model close at on station of BSI of index of boat freight rate 5000 o'clock greatly, add achieves the history new tall, add the couplet of index of 3 large part such as BCI and BPI to sleeve violent wind goes up, push litre of BDI to appear successive 4 trade day of innovation is tall, the index breaks through 7700 bits of col. Statistical data shows, since 2000, this index has been jumped rise near 5 times. Analytic personage expresses, the fund that borrows market of shipping of bulk of the evacuate below the shadow in American sub room before gradually steam again, the rising market such as the country is opposite Jiashangzhong demand of a large amount of goods and materials such as iron ore, coal are ardent, phenomenon of harbor of global a place of strategic importance fails effective Shu solution, push litre of freight to go tall, make international shipping index is answered lukewarm. The situation after this shows bulk shipping market still driving.

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