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Case of international aviation oil price drops surtax of Sino-Japanese course fu
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In report occupied new network on January 3 xinhua net report, shanghai airline released information to say in its government website recently, drop as case of international aviation oil price, the decision reduces the fuel surtax of Japanese course. It is reported, the Chinese Oriental airline, Japan airline and full day empty company fuel surtax that reduces China to reach Japan since new year's day.
New price involves the fuel surtax of course of Shanghai Airline Japan to reached the airline ticket of all Japan line that sells later on January 1 this year, if only then hair ground is Japan, every boat paragraph fuel surtax is 25 dollars; Be like only then hair ground is China, every boat paragraph fuel surtax is 36 dollars.
Dong Hang also moves low fuel surtax since 1 day. Boat and full day sky are in Japanese day early to also announced to removed surtax of tone low fuel on January 1 from this year last year in November.
It is reported, from last year international fuel price is slow since second half of the year fall after a rise, a few airline honor the commitment at the beginning of profession, key became low fuel surtax.

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