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31 abroad achieve exit of beautiful accomplishment only month to split 20 millio
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A few days ago, transmit a message from cadre of international of 31 heavy industry, 31 heavy industry exported amount to break through 20 million dollar July, than last year the corresponding period grows 351 % , overseas first half of the year sales revenue is compared the corresponding period grew 3.8 times last year.

Since this year, international cadre adopts a series of measure to promote overseas sale outstanding achievement. The company is executed marine contract make, sign agreement of marine invite public bidding with the 8 freight agent of Changsha, Shanghai, Tianjin, marine flow is more normative, exit delivers goods efficiency rises apparently. In the meantime, of contract evaluation technological process optimize with " one station is connected " of post duty refine, also drove overseas business greatly begin.

As the buildup of actual strength of 31 international competition, each are big international is exhibited can become 31 brands and international the arena of well-known trademark athletics. For this, person specially assigned for a task of international cadre setting is responsible and abroad exhibit meeting support, promote market promotion with all one's strength. The near future, the company still will send 100 MBA to hurry off to 12 abroad branches, overseas sale force increases further.

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