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"East wind car " reach exit ahead of schedule 6000 year end
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Come from Inc. of east wind car (" east wind car " ) information of overseas facilities department: Up to on October 15, outside already realizing the sea, light-duty commercial vehicle exports driving force of revolution truckload reach CKD loose mail 6018, grow 44.9% compared to the same period, finish year to export a target ahead of schedule.
Adjust exit strategy timelily, "East wind car " the steady progress that achieving overseas facilities stage by stage.
Through " east wind car " overseas facilities begins to start from 2003, odd outcome 697, finished 1579 2004, jumped 2005 litre it is 3818, achieved 5018 2006. Up to now, exit country and area already exceeded 40, preliminary form the dimensions market such as Iran, Vietnam, Russia, Algerian, partner of a batch of strategies is being formed.
Base oneself upon this one current situation, "East wind car " put forward to be in " strengthen international car market to consider, the sales volume outside promoting the sea steadily " with " answer overseas vicissitude of the market actively, demand of individuation of ceaseless and contented client " while, accelerate abroad after service and construction of system of spare parts safeguard with all one's strength, solve the trouble back at home of client of abroad east wind.
To promote east wind the beauty of overseas of light-duty commercial vehicle praise degree, "East wind car " protect character to what exporter tastes reached after service job to make more strict provision. Be in the market according to the client on one hand specific feature is right " east wind car " protect a clause to make character adjust accordingly, strengthen the major that serves personnel to the client to groom on one hand, organize the service group that the supplier attends to hurry off to for many times abroad undertake 0 distances serve. Current, the panel of after service motor-driven with Russia, Egypt, special sand holds water in succession, personnel is fulfilling select in; The commissioner of the key market such as Iran, Vietnam accredits plan course of study to already was started, and the personnel that is aimed at other staple market accredits plan also will timely start.
As we have learned, this year is " east wind car " the first year when overseas facilities strategy adjusts. "East wind car " establish of the beginning of the year " cultivate key market, make old strategy market, market of open up latent capacity " the overall job train of thought that develops overseas market. On this foundation, "East wind car " train of thought of job of job of innovation sea external affairs, execute area to turn management to existing overseas market; Leader of company be put in charge is strengthened actively communicate with abroad client, fixed to key market client pay a return visit; The crucial assembly quality that reflects in the light of the client and content flow, pack wait for a problem to hold special supplier servive routine respectively fluidity of content of car of meeting, exit measures the job to meet, sign service agreement with company of vendor of more than 10 assembly and freight representative early or late, make to client demand with concrete step pass on in time.
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