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Capital airport is enlightened " lorry airliner "
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Recently, beijing time current money carries service limited company hangs out his shingle in Beijing. Of this company establish what to capital airport goods serves area network to strengthen and the effect with the positive move since the improvement that serves bottleneck.

The service that Beijing time current money carries place of service limited company is offerred is called " lorry airliner " , content basically is the outspread tool that serves as a plane with the lorry, receive refute hub airport with land transportation means beyond in small town or the goods of imports and exports that did not establish airport zone, take the need that gives harbor transport power in order to satisfy this kind of area to international aviation, service object basically includes airline and air-freight agent and direct client. This service regards a kind of complement that plane scheduled flight carries as means, will strong the radiation area that extends aviation to carry. To airline character, this service can perfect service network, enlarge the sale limits of airline, conduce to airline raising the market to have rate and competition ability. To air-freight agent and direct client, this kind of service can carry large quantities of amounts goods and super- big, exceed deadweight content, facilitate large and medium-sized the aviation goods shipment that exports a company, alleviate from certain level the demand that its spread to aviation content. "Lorry airliner " enlightened, will increase capacity of goods change trains, shed many international goods and time, in the meantime, center the goods of area of border district of capital airport week quickly, the prosperity that is freightage of home of capital airport international and development create good condition, carry out in what strategy of capital airport hub coordinated on certain level, enhance the comprehensive strength of capital airport freight transport.

Limited company of service of movement of time current money is serve limited company, China and foreign countries to carry airborne development Inc. , Beijing grows by ground of Beijing airport aviation inferior air-freight representative limited company is collective and contributive those who establish. Ground of Beijing airport aviation takes limited company and China and foreign countries to carry airborne development Inc. is held each 37% , beijing is long inferior air-freight representative limited company is held 26% .

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