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Suitable justice position of contemporary service line of business
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New city, Olympic Games, new nation exhibits 3 big business chance

Beijing city overall planning and give an official of the State Council, city " 915 " the program is arranged clearly further justice one of 3 new cities of the important node that regards capital the eastpart part as development belt and key construction, basically assume conduct development content shedding, meeting exhibits modern manufacturing industry and airport, international association, sports is recreational wait for a function, "It is the airport of capital key position that faces international, it is to drive what area develops to face center of empty economy industry and base of modern manufacturing industry " . Suitable justice the modern new city that makes progress the city of capital key position that faces international, function become independent relatively, radiate and the core city that drive town of circumjacent area county to change development. According to fixed position of this one function, suitable justice the work out finished new city overall planning, establish " one harbor, two rivers, 3 areas, 4 towns " urban space structure, made clear " contemporary international airport, region industry engine, green appropriate resides new city " development target.

The project on Olympic Games water will do in suitable a righteous act undertaken for the public good 2008, will produce gold of 32 Olympic Gameses here at the appointed time. This year in July, suitable justice Olympic Games place will try at investment move, the project of construction of a batch of great infrastructure such as the orbit liaison man that covers suitably with Olympic Games place, freeway, quick way also is in intensify undertaking, this lets arrange justice the construction that slope of new city horse forms a delegation quickened a pace.

Capital International Airport is our country's biggest aviation hub harbor, it is suitable justice the greatest blame fluidity natural resources and distinct advantage, after extend, year passenger transport ability will achieve 60 million person-time, special purchases for the Spring Festival carries ability achieves 1.8 million tons, drive action to enhance twice. New house of center of China International exhibition and project of establishment of relevant form a complete set head period invest 2.9 billion yuan, the end of the year will build this year and investment is used. Exhibit the meeting that is a mark to exhibit economy to will be become with new nation suitable justice what contemporary service line of business grows is important prop up.

Blue print of paint of contemporary service line of business

Can locate according to 4 great merit (content of contemporary production base, airport sheds center of association of hub, international, travel to lie fallow go vacationing center) , suitable this year justice put forward to will be transformed with all one's strength and upgrade traditional service line of business, introduce, foster and expand burgeoning service line of business, breed expand industry of contemporary service pillar, expand quickly dimensions of contemporary service line of business and actual strength.
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